Alien vs XB6 Xfinity?

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    I have an Amplifi HD with 3 added mesh antennas. I also just moved into a new place and Xfinity brought their latest Xb6 wireless router modem. When testing the two - I found their device slams the speed to nearly 500Mbps on my iPhone and the Amplifi HD can barely break 100Mbps... Im on the edge of just keeping the Xfinity stuff and using it except that I hate their DNS lock in and I know they are invading our privacy.

    Will the Alien beat the XB6 in speed and reach ? any opinions? Anyone else using Xfinity and Amplifi products?

  • As an Xfinitiy customer I would not use their crap equipment. Just buy an Alien, you would not regret it. I have AC devices pulling 300Mbps+ from 150 feet away, through walls.

  • @tj-marbois The Alien is a powerful router take a look at the specs

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