Alien feature request

  • Just got 2 Aliens and set them up last night -- they are amazing and sooo fast! Got a few recommendations though:

    1. Show the data throughput for wired devices in addition to the wireless devices in the app.
    2. Show cpu/ram usage or something? It's nice to see metrics when troubleshooting.
    3. When adding a port mapping, let me select from a list of already known static registered endpoints to get the IP. But don't get rid of the freeform IP address field - that would still be useful.
    4. Be able to see how often a client has switched mesh points or bands. Might help with router placement or client troubleshooting if it's flipping all over the place.
    5. Provide an API to get metrics from the devices so I can graph the data in something like Grafana.


  • @robbie-foust Points 1 and 4 are great suggestions for every user of Alien.

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