Replacing Apple Router With Alien On Verizon Fios

  • I live in a medium condo apartment, about 1600sq. ft. I have Fios internet 200/200 and tv service. But I use the latest Apple Extreme router for my WiFi network. For tv functions the Fios router is necessary but I have the radios turned off and the Apple router is in bridge mode. This has worked very well with Speedtest app speeds consistently over 300 both up and down on the 5 GHz band. On 2.4 because of all the nearby networks those speeds are cut considerably. Because of that I have almost all devices set to connect to the 5 band exclusively by naming the 2 bands separately. I had the 5 GHz capable devices “forget” the 2.4 network, otherwise the mobile devices would latch onto the 2.4 band when coming back into the apartment without my realizing it. The 2.4 devices, printer, camera, etc. use that band with no issues.

    The Fios equipment is set up in a storage closet in a metal utility box but I have an Ethernet cable running to the Apple router close to the center of the apartment so coverage is quite good even on the 5 band other than one area which is on the other side of kitchen appliances and wiring and plumbing.

    I have set the 5 band to a manual channel setting after testing several settings including automatic. The lower frequencies did not achieve the same coverage or speed so I use 149. With the Alien will I be able set it up in a similar manner such as with separately named bands and bridge mode? And would that be advised? And what other settings should I look at? Also I plan to use the Amplifi app to set up and manage the router, do I have to use the Google log in I used to post here or is there a separate account set up process?

  • @john-pappas The Alien would work well in this setup, you can use bridge mode and use the 5Ghz radio with a different SSID so your 5Ghz capable devices will stay connect to 5Ghz always. Enable an additional 2.4Ghz SSID for your devices that need only a @.4Ghz network. You do not need an account to use our app, however if you want remote access you will need to sign in with a Ubiquiti, Facebook, or Google account.

  • @ui-jt thanks for the response that helps a lot. Two other questions. Currently I manually set the 5GHz channel to 149, that seems to give the best coverage and network speed in my apartment. Should I continue doing that with the Alien? Should I disable band steering or leave it enabled? And just curious does the Alien offer any advantage in performance on the 2.4 band as far as interference from other nearby networks? My current experience is that with all the other 2.4 networks in the area network speeds are significantly reduced even though coverage is greater.

  • @john-pappas I would let the router decide what channels to use so if it detects interference it can move channels. I would also leave band steering on. You should see OK performance on 2.4Ghz but if you have really heavy interference it may not have better throughput.

  • @ui-jt thanks I appreciate the help!

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