LCD screen

  • I am just curious how many people like AmpliFi's LCD screen a lot? Or chose Amplifi vs. other brands mostly because of LCD screen?

  • I can't say I bought it because of the LCD screen, but I really LOVE it.

    Being able to see the overall household bandwidth utilization all the time (without having to open an app or a webpage) is fantastic. Plus the design of the screen is beautiful so it looks great in any house (unlike most networking equipment which is..... ugly).

  • I have to say that it is a clearly differentiating asset. It allows me to drop a menubar application I have been running to track performance.

  • I use the screen as my watch as this is the only one I have. Yes, I live in a small apartment, so it's visible from most places. I really love the design on the router itself 😄

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