Wifi 6 iPhone not loading webpages when connected to Alien

  • iPhone 11 pro max not opening webpages when connected to Alien. I have 43 devices all work except the iphone which is my only wifi 6 device. This started after the last update. Only happens when connected to the wifi 6 radio, works fine when connected to the wifi 5 radio.

  • @mike-p Have you tried forgetting the network? Sound like it is some error in the devices network settings for that particular network. Also try resetting the AmpliFi router.

  • I have forgot the network and also reset network settings. I have not reset the router. It's a hassle to reset the router every time there is an update but I will try it.

  • Factory reset did not solve the issue.

  • @mike-p Can you PM a support file? Thanks.

  • @ui-jt How exactly do I do that? I have the support file.

  • @mike-p Send them to help@amplifi.com and reference this community post in the body of the email please.

  • @ui-brett Done

  • @mike-p, thanks for reporting. We have reproduced the issue and we're working on a fix. It looks that all iPhone 11 models are affected.

    I'll provide an update here when a firmware version with the fix is available. For now I recommend creating additional SSID on Wi-Fi 5 radio for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • @ui-karlis When do you think this fix will be available. I was on the verge of returning my Alien routers but am willing to try this before my 30 day return period. Also does the ssid on the WiFi 5 radio fix the iPhone issue until the fix is available?

  • @mark-larson said in Wifi 6 iPhone not loading webpages when connected to Alien:

    does the ssid on the WiFi 5 radio fix the iPhone issue until the fix is available?

    Yes, essentially this fix will force the iPhone to only use a 5Ghz (WiFi-5) connection, which in the time being will allow load webpages like normal. When a fix is released, you will then just disable the additional SSID.

  • @ui-brett Don't want to push but do you foresee this issue to be fixed soon or aka within the next week or two? I'll be honest this was a little disappointing paying this much for the product and having an issue after the first update but there are features of the Alien that I like more than the Velop MX10 that I replaced it with. I just need to know that this is going to work before my return period expires which is at the end of the month.

  • @mark-larson They have been really quick with firmware updates so far. I have been using the additional ssid fix and it works fine for now.

  • @ui-brett I have two alien routers in a mesh. I have to enable the additional 5G radio on the second router as well, correct? Do I name the SSID the same as the SSID on the main router?

  • @mark-larson said in Wifi 6 iPhone not loading webpages when connected to Alien:

    I have to enable the additional 5G radio on the second router as well, correct?

    Correct. Giving them the same name will allow the devices to roam without having to add more known networks to your iPhone. Remember though, not the same name as the primary SSID.

    Currently this is our top priority, but I do not have an ETA at this time.

  • @mark-larson Seriously it a new model, be patient! Dont buy a brand new model if you want something perfect. They know of the issue, provided a temp fix and said its top of their list.

  • @timothy-farley I think you are misunderstanding please do not think I am upset. I am not upset and I understand that this is a new product. I am just trying to gage how long I have before my return policy expires and the fix will be out. I have implemented the work around and so far it is working good which is reassuring. I just want to make sure things are working before I return the Velop MX10 that I purchased shortly after the update issue with the Alien. Both my wife and I work from home so the reliability of my internet connection is very important. Long story short I am sticking with the Alien and going to return the Velop instead if all goes well. Thanks @UI-Brett for all your work on this.

  • "Seriously it's as new model be patient"

    Sorry however I strongly disagree. Customers should not have to pay to purchase a new product and then be put in the position of being beta testers.

  • @gregg-levethan Then don't buy it. There is no way a company can come out with a brand new cutting edge product and it be perfect for everyone. Mine is working great, yes I would like features added.

    I have been a beta tester for multiple companies. Trust me Netg*** and A*** releases broken trash all the time and that's their finished product. At some point you have to say release it and see if there are any issues. There is no way they can test every model phone and everything that connects wirelessly.

  • @timothy-farley
    "Then don't buy it"
    Correct answer
    I'm sure your recommendation will make Ubiquiti happy. Let's not sell too many for 6 months until the handful of people who want to be beta testers finish helping us out.
    Hey accounting department - we just released this new product - don't expect many sales for the first six months.
    Smart answer

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