Amplifi HD Slow/Lack of updates?

  • So it's been around 1-2 months since the last firmware update on these devices. I know hte alien launched and it seems a bunch of the resources/etc are going into that. Is the Amplifi HD line (teleport, mesh points, etc) going to get any new firmware updates/features soon? I'm on the beta channel and havent seen anything come through there at all either.

  • @brandon-shiers said in Amplifi HD Slow/Lack of updates?:

    on the beta channel and haven't seen anything come through there at all either

    Correct, currently we do not have a beta firmware for either product line. The launch of a new product has been consuming more of the teams bandwidth, but we are still working on new releases and features for both products and will be sure to comment on the community when they become available.

  • I for one am extremely happy about the fact that since the last update my Amplifi setup has not crashed once, and I have not had the stress of reading forum posts to assess the risk of updating to the latest version for firmware!

  • @ui-brett sounds like the team next year is going to get bigger to meat the immense work load I'm hoping to see you guys get a lot more staff on the team in future, it will be awesome:)

  • But the HD will still receive updates right? From the firmware release notes the Alien is getting a lot of features and stuff. Starting to get buyers remorse, i was unaware when i bought my HD it that it would be obsoleted so quickly

  • Have to applaud @UI-Karlis and AmpliFi for how stable v3.1.2 has been on the HD though

    Coming up on 3 months without a reboot required, speed drop, or issue of any kind is record for me not seen since v2.6.3

  • @derek-saville

    Good to hear! On that note, I’m curious to get your opinion as I’m currently running 2.9.5/2.7.3 on my HD router (U.S.) and hardware teleport (overseas) respectively. I’m going to be here a few more months and the connection has been rock solid thus far.

    What’s the risk in updating my devices remotely? Should I have any reservation about initiating the firmware upgrade on both devices. Just to be clear, the legacy hardware teleport is with me here and the HD router is back in the states — since remote access is enabled, I can login and initiate the upgrade for both devices, but am extremely apprehensive about doing it in case it fails and requires some sort of onsite recovery back in the states. Are my concerns valid?

    Also, does the latest firmware impact the performance of the legacy hardware teleport at all? Mine has been stable, but I am excited about also leveraging the software teleport App if I upgrade.

    Appreciate any feedback you might have for me.


  • Hi @derek-s - I am the same, spending most of my time overseas with HD’s and now Aliens back home in the US

    I upgraded my US AmpliFi routers’ firmware remotely numerous times without issue other than one caveat - my HD’s in the US are in Bridge mode with static IP addresses assigned by their MAC address and I suffered the MAC flip a lot, which required a port forwarding rule on the primary router to be adjusted accordingly

    If you don’t have the MAC address problem, which was fixed in recent firmware, I would say you are fine to upgrade

    Performance was the same with the latest firmware, no degradation

    The Teleport app and router-to-router Teleporting are fantastic

    I just installed an Alien in Asia and started doing some Alien-to-Alien testing and the throughput & latency is well improved over having an HD on either end

    So the CPU upgrade in Alien, in my experience, was well worth the cost for overseas Teleportation

    But you lose the HW Teleport compatibly with Alien, so you need to keep an HD in Bridge mode behind the Alien at home if you still need HW Teleport for traveling

    I just cracked open the HD (warranty voided) and unplugged the super antenna in order to kill the HD’s WiFi pollution

  • @derek-saville

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I went ahead and proceeded with the remote upgrade of both my hardware teleport and HD router to v3.1.2. It took about 5-7mins, but the hardware teleport eventually re-connected and I now have the Teleport App capability! I may even pickup a Amplifi Instant for $89 to serve as a 2nd hardware VPN.

    All in all, I’m extremely please with the work the UBNT AmpliFi team has done — the Teleport option is huge and the only thing that has worked for US TV streaming abroad. It’s really awesome. Kudos to Ubiquiti on this one.

    Thanks again!

  • @Derek-Saville

    “I just installed an Alien in Asia and started doing some Alien-to-Alien testing and the throughput & latency is well improved over having an HD on either end”

    I know there are a lot of variables — but since we’re both in Asia, I’m curious what your rough performance improvements are with your Alien-to-Alien testing? With my hardware teleport connected to an HD back in the states, my upload/download is ~7Mbps/7Mbps and my latency is roughly 350-400ms.

    Appreciate any insight you might be able to share.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi @derek-s - fixed installations, from California to Japan, HD to HW Teleport (behind an HD in Japan) I would average about 10 Mbps with occasional latency/jitter effects (video stream goes lower res, but does not pause)

    HD to Teleport App acts differently where you see bursts of traffic and then long pauses for streaming, but downloads would also average in the 10 to 12 Mbps range

    Alien to Alien just pegs the needle at 19.8 Mbps (this might be the limit of the basic ISP service upload speed I use just for Teleporting)
    I can't get it to go any faster
    But the latency improvement is noticeable, which may be function of the higher bandwidth and/or the VPN processing power of the Alien

    Alien to Teleport App is pretty much the same for streaming as the HD (probably limited by what the app requests) but downloads again can peg the needle at 19.8 Mbps, and the latency improvement on things like menu changes in apps can be felt

    The best way I can describe it, with the HW Teleport I would almost always download shows and then watch them 'offline' (except for live sports)
    And I would rarely use streaming only apps on the HD + HW Teleport
    With the Alien now, I don't even hesitate to stream directly or use streaming apps, and it feels like I am truly just back in the US

    I was seriously not expecting as much of an improvement as there was for Teleporting abroad with Alien
    (WARNING: you might start to become very disappointed with the HW Teleport once you experience the Alien difference)

    But as you stated, every setup is different
    The California location used to suffer severe buffer bloat, but a modem upgrade and changes at the ISP backend eliminated it for me
    However, the Alien also has the QoS Latency Optimization settings in the Web UI (similar to the GE) if you are running it in DHCP mode (I am not, so can't really test it out) which can help overcome buffer bloat issues if you have them

  • Awesome feedback — thanks again!

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