Not Getting Forum Notifications

  • Under my user settings I have selected daily digest as well as post notifications shown below. However I’ve yet to receive email notifications for threads that I am following or one that I have started. The check box below the Daily digest selection for post notifications does not remain checked once I leave the settings screen. When I come back to that screen the box is blank. Is there a way or setting that will send email updates and notifications for threads I am following or have started?

  • @john-pappas Thank you for reporting this. I have confirmed that it is not working and will look into this.

  • @ui-brett Thanks. I was having to log in here to see your replies to my previous post as well as a couple of threads I’m following. I’ve just been recently able to post here so I thought I did something wrong.

  • @john-pappas Still not getting any notifications unless I log into the forums. Is there any expected resolution?

  • @john-pappas Thank you for following up, we are still working on this and I will update on this thread once it has been fixed.

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