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  • Is the only way to increase coverage and of the Alien to buy another Alien? There are some fairly large deadapots in my house. I was hoping the Alien would cover it so went with that instead of UDM with some AP's. I really wish I could get some cheaper Amplifi/Ubiquity app's instead of another Alien. If not I guess I screwed up going with Alien because I assume I can't return at this point.

  • @eric-schwake Yes, you must use another Alien router as a MeshPoint to expand coverage. If you are within 30 days from the time of purchase you can return the product. How much surface area are you trying to cover and do you have the router located in the center of the home?

  • @ui-jt I'm trying to cover about 3000 sqft 2 story home. The router is placed fairly centrally on bottom floor. My entire home is wired with Cat 6 so I'm guessing I should have just gone thr UDM route but just heard good things about the Alien.

  • @eric-schwake If you want 802.11ax the Alien is going to be the only choice, the Cat6 will be nice if you go the UniFi router. It is going to depend on what you want to spend and if you want/need 802.11ax. Adding another Alien will certainly help the coverage.

  • @eric-schwake I got a 3,000 sq ft home and my one Alien. Mine is not in the best place. Still 100% coverage and coverage across the street. Also mine is downstairs too.

  • Hi @eric-schwake - since you already have the CAT6 wiring another option is to install the additional UniFi AP's you were originally considered in your dead spots and manage them separately with their UniFi mobile app (a controller isn't required)

    But they won't be a true mesh with the Alien and if you give them the same SSID & password I am not sure how well clients will roam yet between WiFi-6 and WiFi-5 access points, so there may be some glitches due to the newness of WiFi-6

    Maybe try one AP like a Nano or InWall and return it if it doesn't work out with your Alien?

  • Will CAT5e work as well for wiring additional access points with the Alien and Dream Machine

  • @gregg-levethan Cat5e is capable of transferring 1Gbps speeds as long as the length of the cable does not exceed 100 meters, so when wiring additional Alien or Dream Machine devices it should work.

  • Thank you

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