Amplifi HD losing internet connection

  • Hello - I'm having an intermittent problem since yesterday with the Amplifi HD sporadically dropping the internet connection. The primary Amplifi HD is in "bridge" mode and I have 2 other Amplifi HDs connected with Ethernet backhaul (ethernet over coax). The ATT router does not appear to lose internet (I have a couple of computers connected directly to it). I have restarted all Amplifi routers and the ATT gateway but this has not fixed the issue. It's difficult to capture logs at the time this is happening as the connections goes down for less than a minute and then re-establishes.

    Firmware is 3.1.2 and this has just started happening (upgraded a while back). Any suggestions? I do have a log after the last incident (did not restart the Amplifi) - not sure if that will be helpful..

  • @rakesh-gupta Hi, please send us the support file you have it will help us diagnose this. When they loose connection is there an error displayed on the routers screen? Does the router not broadcast wireless or is this just a connection to the internet that is not available when the issue occurs?

  • @ui-jt Well - my current thinking is that my ATT router is flaking out periodically. The last time this happened, I was able to see that the ATT router had lost the broadband connection. It happens pretty quickly so by the time I get to see what is going on, the ATT router is showing that it is connected.

  • Hi am also having this annoying issue where the AMPLIFI alien keeps losing connection and taking like a minute to reconnect. Already updated to the firmware, that fix my issue with IoT like nest thermostat and august lock. But now the router is doing the same thing as my other ASUS router where it just drops and reconnects at random times.

  • @k-sharkybot After your network experiences one of the drops, can you gather support files and send them to me for review?

  • @ui-brett yea how send files to you guys?

  • Periodically (about once a week) my HD drops offline with the message "no internet connection". The HD router IP becomes unreachable and does not appear on a scan of the network.

    However, the HD Wifi radios (2.4 and 5.0) continue to operate and WiFi clients have full connectivity and full speed. The Mesh points continue to operate with full connectivity and full speed.

    The only way to resolve the HD-no internet connection issue is to disconnect ethernet and power and then reconnect ethernet and power.

    I have submitted support files (after reconnecting ethernet and power)

  • @ui-brett I really think this issue (in my instance) may be related to an intermittent software bug when the HD is in Bridge Mode and the DHCP address supplied by the upstream upstream router expires. If this is the case, it could easily be fixed with the option to manually configure the IP address (and DNS settings) of the HD in Bridge Mode. I can think of a few reasons why this would be beneficial in a network having a balanced set of wired and wireless devices.

  • We also have had this issue for the past month or so. The Amplifi is plugged directly into the first port on a Ubiquiti Edgepoint 6 Router (into the LAN port of the POE). The only way to get it to reconnect is to power off the Amplifi and the Edgepoint.
    We have also lost the ability to remotely connect to the Amplifi 95% of the time. Even when the ethernet is active and working well.
    The message is No Internet Connection.
    We are not by the device right now, it is in a rental cabin, and whenever the guests re-boot it, it is taking down the Wireless network for the WISP that owns the Edgepoint.
    The problem is definitely with the Amplifi.

  • Hi! I'm experiencing the exact same problem. My Amplifi router is in bridge mode behind Edgerouter lite. The connection regularly drops (even though my connection seems to be online). When it happens my mesh points can't reconnect and I can't reconnect to the Amplifi router from iPhone app or www.

  • @fred-kinder-0 said in Amplifi HD losing internet connection:

    If this is the case, it could easily be fixed with the option to manually configure the IP address (and DNS settings) of the HD in Bridge Mode.

    Is it possible define manual IP and DNS when the Amplifi router is in bridge mode?

  • @jon-arve-wålberg Not at the present time.

  • Quick update - I think my issue may be related to introducing HOOBS/Homebridge/Wink plug-in into the mix. I stopped the HOOBS service (on a Pi4) and the issue seems to have gone away. I did experience one outage a couple of days ago, but nowhere near as frequently as it was previously.

    One observation - most of the issues reported in this thread seem to be configured with the Amplifi HD in bridge mode. Coincidence?

  • I am having the same exact problem. Thank goodness for this thread!

  • I have a same problem too! Please anyone help us!

  • I have same problem? Is there a fix?

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