Guest network across multiple mesh routers

  • Hi - Does anyone know if you can enable a guest network under the following configuration:

    Three (3) Amplifi HD Mesh routers one configured in Bride mode and the two others hard wired back to the bridge with Ethernet Backhaul.

    this configuration is analogous to a standard AP network, with my own non-amplifi internet router.


  • @charles-s Yes this should broadcast across them all given they are properly Meshed together.

  • cool. have you tried it? i'd like to propose this to someone, but want to be sure it will work before doing so. thanks again.

  • @charles-s I can test this setup for you and will update this thread.

  • @ui-jt hi - I did test it with 2 mesh routers - and unless i am doing something wrong in the configuration - it does not work. the guest network does not show up. i don't get an error but the network is not visible. i tried adding it manually - no luck.

    here is the setup: main mesh router in Bridge Mode, second router 'added to mesh' then switched to Ethernet backbone. the main wireless network works fine. firmware all up-to-date

  • my bad- it works! i did not enable guest network and number of users from the 'guest icon' tab at top in the App.

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