iOS Teleport VPN doesn't extend to devices using the iPhone's hotspot?

  • The iOS Amplifi Teleport app seems to work as advertised, allowing other iOS apps to access my home network. But when I use my iPhone to create its own WiFi hotspot so that I can connect my laptop, and actually USE resources from home, my laptop does not use the VPN. I am still unable to remote in to my home network. I have confirmed that my iPhone has access to the local network.

    Please don't let my use of "hotspot" confuse you. I'm not referring to a public WiFi hotspot. My carrier allows connection sharing via personal hotspot (rather than tethering via a cable). In theory, connected devices should have the same network (VPN) as the iPhone. But as described above this is not working. Hope that's not confusing.

    Is this by design? I hope not, and I hope it can be fixed.


  • @jack-rogers This was referenced once before in an older post but unfortunately when you enable the mobile hotspot on your cellphone, it will override the VPN connection and not connect your devices using the hotspot via the VPN tunnel.

  • So why is there no Mac or Windows client for allowing the connection? Why only mobile devices? Everyone would gain much more being able to connect and access with their computer. Any plans on doing this in the future?

  • @UI-Brett - I searched first, but didn't come up with anything, so thanks for the link to the older post. Then I guess it's an iOS issue, not so much Teleport issue.

    @Byron-Shaheen - Great request, but let's take that up in another topic, please. No way you'd have known this, but I'm not a Windows or Mac user. 😉


  • @byron-shaheen The solution we have released for Mac and Windows devices (pretty much any device) is the Teleport Router to Router feature which will allow you to connect any device to the remote network and VPN back to your home.

    Here is a rundown of all the AmpliFi Teleport options.

  • @ui-brett - I guess we're out of luck then. My laptop's internet access is via the iPhone hotspot.

    I haven't tried using the USB/Thunderbolt method of connecting the laptop to the iPhone. I doubt it will be any different, though.


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