Amplifi Alien VPN Issues

  • I have ran into a strange issue with my new Amplifi Alien router. I have two different laptops connecting to two different enterprise VPNs on my network. The VPNs continuously disconnect and attempt to reconnect. This only started once I started using the Amplifi Alien. The VPNs are completely unrelated, one is for my job and the other is for my wife's. Any ideas?

  • @dylan-baros What kind of modem are you using and have you tried a wired connection?

  • @ui-jt I am using an Arris Surfboard, DOCSIS 3.1. Unfortunately none of my laptops have ethernet ports.

  • @ui-jt I will say that I have my Xbox One X plugged in direct and the speeds are not what I would expect with a wired connection. I have ~300 mbs download over wifi however I max out around 90 with a wired connection. Have not ruled out a bad cable though.

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