Alien Mesh - No Dedicated Backhaul?

  • Please advise :
    If I use Multiple Alien routers ( 2) to form a Mesh network, It is my understanding the routers ( then) talking to each other DO NOT create/have their own dedicated backhaul communication between them. Then the routers would I assume create a separate virtual network on the Wi-Fi 6 band...this would SHARE the bandwidth of the main network - doing two jobs at the same time.

    1. The communication between both Routers
    2. the general communication of all the devices using the network.

    If this is correct , it seems, there will be a performance hit as the routers are doing two jobs ( without the dedicated back haul line of communication between each of them)
    Can you inform me if :
    a. this is accurate ?
    b. is there another setting to have a dedicated backhaul between the two ?
    c. What Am I missing? Is there some technology that is occurring that minimizes/eliminates any of the signal loss that will/can occur?

    Please advise,

    thank you!!!

  • Hi @UI-Brett - does the Alien support MU-MIMO Uplink, either WiFi-6 or AmpliFi propriety?
    Is it then possible to have a simultaneous 4x4 5GHz wireless backhaul along with client access?

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