New Alien Router & Nighthawk Modem/Router Issue

  • Hi Guys. I just received the new Amplifi Alien Router. I am running a Netgear C7800 Nighthawk Cable Modem/Router with Comcast Xfinity. I am trying to bridge my Netgear C7800 and use the Alien as my main router. I have my Alien hardwired to my C7800 Modem/Router, but when I disable DHCP on my Netgear C7800, the Alien just says no IP address provided... I can unplug the Alien router and plug in my MacBook and it finds an IP address from my ISP and internet instantly works. What am I doing wrong with this Alien router? Please advise.

  • @scott-mckinney I don’t know if this will help but when I first activated my Verizon Fios tv and internet service in my apartment I was, and still am, using an Apple Time Capsule as my main router which I had previously used for years with a Comcast modem-only device. With Fios, to maintain certain tv functions their gateway router has to be used but the WiFi radios do not. So I have the radios turned off on the Fios router and it is connected by an Ethernet cable to my Apple router which provides my WiFi network and is more centrally located but is in bridge mode. Everything has worked extremely well this way.

    I was advised here to do the same if I set up an Alien router which I plan to do in the near future. Alien in bridge mode to Fios router by Ethernet but Alien will provide the WiFi network not the Fios router. This might work better for you.

  • @scott-mckinney Unplug the Modem/Router and AmpliFi, plug in the AmpliFi, wait until it boots up and displays plug in cable error. Then power on the modem/router and wait for complete boot up.

  • @Scott-McKinney Did the C7800 work with the Alien?

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