Teleport (router to router) split tunneling option?

  • Hello!

    I love the new teleport (router to router) feature, especially that it works from amplifi (configured as router) > amplifi (configured as bridge)!! Phenomenal!

    I have a use case where I don't need EVERYTHING to go over the "teleport" - only specific IP range(s) and/or DNS domains (conditional forwarding)

    I imagine this would be fairly easy to implement - only route the detected IP range, or domain name (if remote device is DHCP), but advanced "networks/domains to redirect" settings would be fantastic!

    Any chance?

    Currently using ZeroTier and local (on my laptop) dns server to accomplish this, but would love it to be handled at the router instead!

    p.s. perhaps this "Teleport" forum needs sub-sections now that there are 3x "teleport" types - device, app, and router>router.

  • Hi @hunter-dg - not sure if this might help you, at least temporarily, with what you are trying to accomplish, but if you have router-to-router Teleport working, you can add an additional router in Bridge mode behind the remote AmpliFi router and then Teleport the entire secondary remote router as a single whole device

    So anything connected to that secondary bridged router (wired or WiFi) will Teleport VPN home

    It essentially replaces the old HW Teleport for fixed installations (unless you want to travel with 2 extra routers)

    PS: I have only done this, and @UI-Brett confirmed it working with, another AmpliFi router installed in bridge mode behind the remote AmpliFi router making the router-to-router Teleport connection
    Any other router would probably work, but I cannot confirm it

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