Two Alien Routers All Green No Internet Connection

  • Been running Alien Mesh for a few weeks now. Generally speeds are much better over what I was getting with the Eero Pro. Yesterday, 12/24, my wife could not access the internet. So rebooted her computer, system showed it was connected to WiFi, used the app on my phone and everything was green. So tried a web page on my phone and also could not connect. Similar situation opened the Amplifi App and everything is green but no Internet. Rebooted the router and everything is fine. Not sure what I should be looking for in the App or how much time and effort to put into this as it is infrequent.

  • @james-kelly-0 apparently this has been identified as an issue and the team at AmpliFi is working on a fix. I’ve had the same thing happen multiple times as well.

  • @rick-daino-0 Thanks. Will wait for the next update.

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