Remove OLD/Un-used device names from Amplfi

  • Is there a way yet to be able to remove “assigned “ devices that are no longer on my home network? My work around is to create a profile, add the device to the profile and pause any internet service for them.

    If not where can I post some votes for a feature to do this?

  • @rich-sammon No this is not a feature, you can pause the device but you cannot "delete it" If the client has the credentials it will be able to connect to the network.

  • I agree it would be nice to delete old/inactive users

  • @UI-JT This is nuts. I've changed the Wifi card in one of our PCs and found that having registered the MAC address of the new card in the Amplifi app - I cannot now get rid of the registration of the old card from the app. So I'm stuck with this non-existent piece of hardware in my configuration now?

  • @shealey correct it is nuts. While I enjoy the AMPLIFI device mesh technology it’s admin functions are not where they should be and need updating especially to remove devices previously connected to the network. This is a major security exposure in my view.

  • @shealey Do you have your old device added in any profiles on your AmpliFi app?

  • @UI-Brett Yes the old wifi card MAC address is still assigned to the family member who owns the PC that it was installed in ... as is the PC's new wifi card.
    There is no way to remove the device from the profile, so I have had to delete that person's profile and re-create it.
    The old device is no longer assigned in anyone's profile - but still shows up in the list of devices when I use the 'add devices' option.

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