Amplifi HD - Signal strength is incredible bad?

  • Hi,

    I just got a brand new Amplifi HD. After having a lot of trouble to connect to its WIFI to set it up I finally could connect to and configure it. The first thing I did after finally being able to access it through the android app was to install the latest firmware update.

    It's in bridge mode now (it's behind a Fritz!Box 7490 router) and the WIFI on the Fritz!Box is shut off.

    Country = Germany
    Band steering is on
    2,4 GHz channel is set to auto (and its currently on 1)
    20 MHz bandwith
    5 GHz channel is set to manual (currently on 48)
    80 MHz

    There is only a single WIFI network around (about 12 meters away from my current position, 3 walls in between). 2,4 GHz channel: 11, 5 GHz channel: 36

    The Amplifi is in front on me on the desk and a smartphone (Xiaomi 9t) and a tablet (Amazon Fire HD 8 ) are at maxium 50 centimeters away from the router. Both are connected to the Amplifis WIFI. Signal strength is weak, connection speed = 40 Mbps, on the 5 GHz band.

    If I take one of the two devices and move away from the Amplifi I lose the WIFI connection after about 4-5 meters. Thin air between, no doors, no walls^^

    I tried auto settings for the channels on both frequencies, I tried setting them manually.
    I reset it to factory settings (pushing the pin on the bottom for ~10 seconds).

    The bad signal strength doesn't get better. It's 10 times worse than the WIFI from the Fritz!Box (and that's not the one that's famous for incredible signal strength^^).

    Did I just get a bad device which I should send in (bought it on Amazon here in Germany)?

  • @jeraldine-walter try setting the 5ghz to 161 or 153 if possible.

  • @edward-dolezal EU doesn't have access (officially) to those channels. At least AmpliFi doesn't show those, unless you select US as your country, as far as I remember.

  • I've ordered a replacement device from Amazon just now. Let's see if that one will work as expected...

  • @jeraldine-walter That's what I would recommend doing in this situation, exchange the unit since you just purchased it and test with a new device. Please keep up posted about how things are functioning after the swap

  • @virgil-nicolae what other upper band channels are available?

  • Got the replacement...

    The new device works properly out of the box, wifi coverage is as expected!

  • @edward-dolezal there are DFS channels available, with other HW (routers) providers, but not on AmpliFi. Not sure why (based on what) they decided to not make those DFS / upper channels usable/available.

  • @virgil-nicolae my guess is regional restrictions, none of the Asus or Netgear router is had here in Australia allowed for the usage of DFS channels, but I'm guessing it's to do with restrictions and laws.

  • @edward-dolezal Some few years ago I was living in Germany and I had a Netgear X4S 7800, which was allowing the DFS channels. Now I'm located in France, I think I was using for a few more months the X4S and was giving me the option to choose some of the upper channels too. Since I switched to AmpliFi, if I don't manually choose US, I have no chance of seeing any DFS channels around. Except me, there's only 1 other Wifi network around (I'm kinda isolated) 🙂

  • There is a pretty good chart on Wikipedia showing WLAN channels for the 5GHz frequency range and the various country requirements for implementing DFS / TPC / SRD per channel

  • @virgil-nicolae your lucky in that case I'm sure here in Australia there is a reason my old Netgear R8000 didn't didn't or my d6300

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