Amplifi HD Gamer Edition - Better without mesh points?

  • Hello there, I purchased this device a couple of days ago, with first time connected, I installed the whole system (router + two mesh points) + I did this in "Mesh Multi-Hop" way, which is means I put MeshPoints in a row. The system is stable, but the speed is cut at 50%, I have 500 Mbps connection, and speed test shows when I stand very close to the router 490Mbps, which is good ofc. But as I begin to move away from the router, and while measuring it, the speed is going down from 490 to 120-90Mbps (13-15 meters from router basically), and this with turned on mesh points. Why mesh points do not expand the network? I thought that mesh points essentially extend the signal from the router - but apparently this does not work +
    when I turned off all mesh points - the speed increased to 240 Mbps, why?

    what am I doing wrong 😄

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi. I have just setup for the first time also and notice the same although i have the hub is central to the node points.. i have virgin 300mbps and can reach 270+ when connected to the central hub. Both nodes only provide max 40mbps.. i might be wrong but this looks like the same problem?

  • Hey @richard-black yes, it looks like it's the same problem... these things definitely don't expand anything but only make it worse. How we can find solution?

  • also i have the Gamers Edition.. and have the setting to 'through put'

  • @richard-black yep, I have the same settings.

  • I have sent an info log to Amplify Support.. fingers crossed they will have answers..

  • AmpliFi HD and Gamer Edition routers do not have dedicated backhaul radios and therefor wireless throughput will be reduced roughly by half for each wireless hop assuming ideal conditions

    Throughput may be further reduced by environment, interference, signal quality, etc.

  • @dmitry-k-kuzmenko A multi-hop connection is an option when needed, but not always the most ideal because every wireless hop you will see degradation.

    I always recommend when installing a new AmpliFi system to start with just the primary router, then walk around your home and search for dead zones. Some people will see a huge increase in performance and coverage with just the cube.

    When you find a dead zone in your home, take one of the mesh points and place it about halfway from your router and the dead zone. Then use the app to verify mesh point connection strength and adjust accordingly. If you are at 100% connection, you could be too close to your primary router so moving it further away will provide better coverage as well as better performance. Some homes will not require additional mesh points, so this is a great way to survey your home using the AmpliFi app.

  • @UI-Brett For what its worth the 'multi hop' connection is suggested on the box as the 'best performance'

  • From the Hub i have 270mbps. (300mbps Virgin Media line) ... each node signal strength is connected (1 x 52% & 1 x 44%) The hub is located central to the nodes. Why is is i only receive 40-70 mbps from each node?

  • @richard-black Low speeds are expected with such low SNR, try to move the MeshPoints to get around 70-80% signal level.

  • @ui-jt I have! In reality the node is about 2.5m away from the hub (just the other side of a wall) the download rates are a little better but if i stand in the same proximity as the node, then turn the node off, i get better mbps from the Amplify hub... this s all going backwards because the node should at least repeat whats available? also i took note of @UI-Brett comments and need to push the node signal into a room further away which is a black spot from the hub!

  • @richard-black I thought so too ... in my understanding, this is a network extension - but in fact, it is something else unfortunately...

  • @ui-brett Hello there, thanks. but can I find any other solution? Now I see only one solution is to find a way how I can return your router back to the store and buy some kind of monster with 25 external antennas ...I live in a separate house, I have no neighbors, I don’t see any neighboring networks that could interfere with the signal. the signal is already getting worse after 5 meters !!! like how? i don't really understand it. Also - why the APP speed test shows a maximum speed of 250 MBPS?if standing near the router I’ll make a test trough the ookla speedteest, I will see around 450 MBPS. Are there any restrictions inside the application?

  • @dmitry-k-kuzmenko I'm already thinking of returning mine to the store... its such a shame and a complete waste of my time, which i will never get back.. Also i notice from the forum that is is not generally used by users.. i find this strange for a product that is a little buggy.

  • @Dmitry-K-Kuzmenko i have been advised by my works IT dept to look at this as an alternative!

  • Hi @dmitry-k-kuzmenko - if wired Ethernet backhaul is an option for you, then using a second standalone HD router as a mesh point with the Gamer Edition or using 2 standalone HD Routers instead of the Gamer Edition performs very well with no speed drops for the backhaul, but I understand the cost may be too high

    The new AmpliFi Alien includes WiFi-6 technology with significantly more speed and coverage potential than the previous HD/GE models, without looking like a monstrosity of antennae

    The Alien could be a better option for you - I have replaced dual HD router installations with a single centralized Alien with superior results, but every environment is different and requires some testing to optimize

  • @richard-black Hey Richard, happy new year! Did you found solution?

  • @dmitry-k-kuzmenko How does the network look in your home without the mesh points? Curious if you were able to survey your home without them and then place the mesh points accordingly. If so, how were the speeds from your router without the mesh points installed?

    Potentially, you could be facing a mesh point that could be defective. After walking around your home with a device that can connect to all 3 nodes, run a speed test at different locations, then gathering support files in the app, we can look into this further with you.

  • @Dmitry-K-Kuzmenko I returned my system and replaced it with NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System with 3Gbps Speed (RBK53) – Router and Extender.

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