What is the Max concurrent clients able to connect?

  • I'm trying to to see if this will be a good fit for a customer. He has a large household with about 30 wireless only devices (home automation, phones, media devices...) and I would like to know if the Amplifi mesh could handle it? His internet connection is a 1gb (both ways) business class fiber connection for his at home business. Lastly, he wants a "consumer grade" solution so that his family members can "fix" things when he is away on one of his frequent business trips.

  • @kris-kowalczyk The Alien, HD, and Gamers Edition will work fine with this setup. Enable remote access with Google, Facebook or UI SSO accounts so users can have access to the router when not at the local network. You can also use Teleport app to gain access to the local network and reach NAS or similar LAN devices.

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