Alien Router Out of Stock?

  • @UI-JT Thanks for getting back to me. I had a feeling it was more than one unit but it was my frustration talking. I appreciate the heads up on the other in stock thread. I’d really like to get one of these units in the next 2 weeks. Are you planning to restock soon? Also, does this apply to the Canadian site as well? I live in Canada which probably doesn’t increase my chances of getting one of these. Thanks again!

  • @Eric-Costa Hi Eric, I am not sure about the Canadian site, I will check into their stocking or eta.

  • @Daniel-Osers Just a quick heads up, they are limiting all purchases to one and only one at this time. This is to try to combat the number of scalpers/resellers that are purchasing to resell on eBay for a massively inflated cost. Also, Amplifi warned potential users not to purchase from the resellers as the warranty will not be honored. I’m only mentioning this because if you’re needing to purchase three of the Aliens, you will not get this in one purchase. We’ve been trying to persuade Amplifi/Unifi to offer a pre-order queue but so far, they are unable to make this happen. I imagine this will be a real hardship for people like you who need 3 for their setup.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt The Alien is supposed to have high speeds and also the best coverage of pretty much any other similar system. The screen is great for showing important info at a glance. It’s rock solid and easy/fast to setup and manage. It’s also flexible in that you can add either the secondary add-on unit (sold together at the moment) or you can add multiple primary routers as additional mesh units to increase coverage. It shows additional info on the screen of the add-on mesh units. It’s pretty much the top unit of this sort on the market (well, when it’s actually available). It’s a pretty unique system that also supports the ability to connect back to the unit via a free VPN which offers more flexibility for many people.

    The one thing that’s come up recently that’s new is that the Wi-Fi Alliance has gone ahead and ratified the new WiFi 6E spec. This now includes a new, never before available 6ghz spectrum band that has just been opened up for WiFi use. This will vastly help decongest the other bands once it’s up and running and devices can take advantage of it. One thing to know, they will not be allowing any previous devices to access this band so it will remain very fast connection speeds. Also, they will likely universally require new hardware which has to be approved. There was talk that Asus had a chip that could be firmware upgraded to support WiFi 6E but that now seems to be very unlikely. Other than the fact that they make no money by upgrading existing hardware, it also seems as though they may not be allowed to upgrade via firmware because that chipset wasn’t approved for the 6ghz spectrum and the new chips will have to be approved prior to sale. Or something like that.

  • @raeyn I understood most of that. Do you think waiting on that hardware is worth it since it can’t be updated via a firmware/software push

  • @Ryan-Hewitt I wouldn’t. If you operate like that you’ll never buy technology 😉
    6Ghz devices won’t be in mainstream for years. Wifi6 on the 2.4 and 5Ghz Bands is still in infancy.
    Why wait if you want the best device out there today? I am white happy to have night aliens for a mesh at home and when in 2-3 years the 6e decides and clients have some critical base I’ll be glad again to Re buy and upgrade.

  • @Daniel-Osers My house is 2700 sq feet. I’m wondering if 1 will be sufficient as I do have a camera in my backyard I need to reach and over 30 WiFi devices and growing. I know down the road I would like 2, 1 for each floor, with an Ethernet backbone.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt I would definitely do 2, maybe even 3 - BUT every house/material used/environment is different.
    Even with 2700 you may be ok reaching your 2.4Ghz signal - again, depending on the environment, but for a strong coverage of 5Ghz I would get 2 and place them strategically. Do you have a wired (ethernet) backbone or are you planning on connecting them wirelessly?
    FWIW, I have 3 in a mesh (wired backhaul) BUT I also live in a 3 story and happened to have ethernet, or 2 would have been 'enough'.

  • @Daniel-Osers I don’t have an Ethernet backbone yet but it is something that on my list as I am already wired for cat 5e on that wall it just need to be converted to rj45

  • @Ryan-Hewitt Cool. Yeah without ethernet backhaul you do lose some 'speed' - so maybe check out how it works (and if you get 5Ghz coverage) with the 1. I still think you'll need 2, but I wouldn't go above that unless you have wired backhaul.
    BTW< Alien has worked great for me so far. Good luck!

  • @Daniel-Osers Has anyone experienced any issues with the Docsis 3.1 modems dropping internet connection? I upgraded my Arris SB6183 to Spectrums free docsis 3.1 and within the first day my internet would stop working for 30 seconds and then come back. I never had a single issue with my old modem. WiFi never goes out just no internet is coming through.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt Just to add onto what @Daniel-Osers has been helping you with, Ethernet backhaul is the best but not the only option in case you cant run Cat cabling in your house. The Alien system will backhaul on WiFi-6 so your mesh point even connected wirelessly can still produce 600-700+ speeds. Which if your WiFi-5 devices are using that meshpoint for a connection, that speed will still exceed what you can expect on WiFi-5

  • @UI-Brett Thats the plan until I can rewire and move my existing RJ11 to the otherside of my wall for the cat5e drop

  • @UI-Brett My Apple AirPort Extreme is really struggling with speed at distances and walls. I go from 300 down to 20 within 40 feet

  • @Ryan-Hewitt How your home environment handles WiFi and signal loss may still be a factor with the Alien, the only true way to know is to test once you can get your hands on a set. Please keep us updated on your progress and results!

  • @UI-Brett I have no doubts that the Alien will improve everything. My Airports work very well considering their age. I am just really picky about my internet quality.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt i agree with you. I also have an AirPort Extreme i want to replace. Now we just need Alien in stock so we can buy it, hahaha

  • @Ryan-Hewitt alien restock alert for may 5th at 10AM Pacific

  • @matt-galiford yup got the email. Crossing fingers!

  • @matt-galiford I’ve been refreshing and it still says it’s out of stock 😞

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