Alien Router Out of Stock?

  • @rleventhal Did you get to compare the MX10 and the Alien setup? I’ve not seen anything that has reviewed both of these and directly compared them. I want the Alien setup but was thinking about trying the MX10 in the meantime. I wondered how they compared. I know that Linksys has stated these will have the HomeKit for Routers which I think would be great given the IoT attacks that are being confirmed these days. Another layer of security. However, I’m certain that the stability, speed, and range will all be in favor of the Alien. I wish UI would add the HomeKit for Routers for Alien. That would be amazing.

    Anyway, any info comparing these would be amazing. My aging Netgear is holding on but I’m concerned it’s going to die almost anytime, which is why I’m looking for an alternative. 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  • The routers appear to me to be similar in features and coverage (except for HomeKit support), but I have not tested the range other than to determine the they both offer the coverage I need at home. I really like the Alien's screen and in my opinion that feature makes the Alien the superior choice. Amplify's support is also first rate. So I would highly recommend the Alien.

  • @rleventhal Thanks so much for sharing this! I really appreciate it. I definitely would prefer the Alien at this point. I think I can make the IoT safe enough for now (at least I hope so). I’m considering trying the Linksys while I wait for the Alien to come back in stock. Who know how long that will be. I’m grateful my Netgear is still working but it goes through phases where it will stop passing along any data borking the whole system. Haven’t been any new firmware updates for years now, either. And one single support phone call is $89. Seriously. I know Orbi is well rated but I’m not sure I can stomach investing in another Netgear after this last experience - which is why I’m looking at the Linksys and Alien. I love the idea of the Alien’s screen! Being able to see at a glance how everything is doing would be amazing.

    So, given that the coverage was similar on both (enough for your needs) did you happen to notice any differences in speed? Just wondering. Thanks again so much for sharing. I’m so grateful for the first hand info. It’s been hard to come by on these routers for some reason.

  • @raeyn I would definitely wait for the Alien Router as it offers way more than other WiFi 6 routes out and in stock. I can tell you first hand that the speed is incredible fast, like even if your internet provider were to reduce their clients hours at peak hours, it would not affect those with this router and it shows, especially during this time most people inside their homes hugging up the bandwidth! Well not with the 👽 router.

  • @k-a uhm, what? ;). "even if your internet provider were to reduce their clients hours at peak hours, it would not affect those with this router and it shows, especially during this time most people inside their homes hugging up the bandwidth". ?
    I love my 3 Alien mesh setup (wired) but it's not a magic wand against potential ISP throttling or constraints (neither would any other device) 😉

  • I keep checking multiple times a day to see if they are back in stock and I am disappointed every time. Don't want to buy from Ebay and pay more than I need to. If this last much longer I might just purchase a Nighthawk. It has more features but I am not a Netgear fan.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt Are you enrolled in email notifications on our webstore?

  • @UI-Brett yes I am.

  • @Ryan-Hewitt In the last few months I have only seen the stock replenish 1 time. I would just hold out and wait for more to come in. This router is much more enjoyable to use than Netgear, etc... its clean, fresh, and not full of clutter. And Surface Laptop 3 on WiFi 6 easily gets over 1000 on speed test.... finally wireless with wired speed! 🙂 I also love 1 click pausing on all my kids devices.

  • @UI-Brett

    I have been looking for the past 2 weeks. I check usually once in the morning and at the end of the day. Email notifications enabled as well.

    Is there any option to do a pre-order? Take my money 🙂

  • @Yuhas they have to be losing a ton of money

  • @Yuhas No pre-order options available at this time unfortunatley.

  • @UI-Brett do you know if there is a plan to add pre order or similar option so that the same people don't keep getting all of these? It's not practical to have an email when they sell out in 2 minutes

  • @matt-galiford It’s definitely frustrating when eBay-ers are able to grab many of them to profiteer and those of us who want a setup for ourselves can’t get them in time. I try to check multiple times a day but if they sell out that fast, I don’t think I have much hope. I wish they’d put a 1-2 unit per mailing address type restriction, or something that might even work better. I would love a pre-order system. At least there would be a queue to wait in and not a free-for-all competing again those trying to resell for profit.

  • @matt-galiford We do not have any plans to create a pre-order at this point in time. We do limit the sale on our website to 1 Alien router per customers to prevent resellers and price gougers from ordering all inventory when we get them in stock.

  • @UI-Brett This is kinda ridiculous to be honest.

  • @UI-Brett thank you that's one way, it's just clearly not working in this case I've made it to checkout multiple times and am not match for pro snipers 🏳

  • Not sure why anyone has to complain it appears this is a hard to get item and or inventory shortage due to Covid. If you can’t wait find a new router?

  • @mikeehlert Because all the new ones are on eBay being sold for double the retail cost. No one is complaining about the Covid circumstances--only the handling of the limited inventory.

  • I purchased 3 - because I have 3 levels and I needed them. I would have just been as disappointed if I had to do my house in stages. There are valid reasons for someone to buy 2 or even 3 (and it's not eBay).....

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