Using the AmpliFi Instant as a Travel router

  • With the Demise of the Teleport can the AmpliFi Instant be used as a travel router? By that I mean can it connect to a hotel's or other's Wifi directly, and then using it's own SSID for a local wifi environment?

  • @dave-martin the Instant can unfortunately only be connected via ethernet as it does not have wireless WAN which is a great pitty. This is why I always have my Gl.iNet router with me instead when traveling as most places have only WiFi now.

  • @dave-martin, @Ali-Hadi is correct, it would need a hardline connection. Other than that, the answer to your question is yes it can be used as such to utilize the Teleport router to router feature when you travel.

  • Hi @ui-brett - is router-to-router Teleporting available when installed in 3rd Party Mesh Point mode?
    If not, is that something that can be added?
    That would allow use with a cell phone hot spot or a mobile hot spot, where you can control the security
    But wouldn't be usable through WiFi portals or with open WiFi access unless you added a layer of security, like the old HW Teleport...

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