Do range extenders work with Amplifi Alien routers?

  • I'm looking to replace a failing EA9300 and the consensus seems to be that Amplifi routers have the least number of issues. My problem is my DirecTV receivers have to use a WiFi to Ethernet adapter as they are not close to my router Soni have to use a Netgear range extender with an Ethernet port. Will this work with the Amplifi Alien router? If not what will?

  • Hi @stephen-o-connell - the Alien is backwards compatible with previous WiFi devices and should work with range extenders

    The Alien also has an option to enable a a separate legacy 5GHz radio for enhanced compatibility with some older devices if needed

  • Hi @stephen-o-connell - just note that one concern with using older range extenders with a new WiFi-6 router like the Alien is how well clients can roam between them and there may be some glitches as the technology matures

    What I have done with the Alien when I needed remote Ethernet ports is enable the secondary WiFi-5 5GHz radio and give it a unique SSID and connect the WiFi extenders to that SSID instead of the main WiFi-6 SSID

    This allows your roaming clients to use main WiFi-6 SSID and keeps any extended devices on a separate clean channel, and all devices will still see each other on the network

    This has worked well so far for my installation that needed them

  • Don't really use it for clients, I use it only as a wireless Ethernet connection for my DirecTV receiver because it doesn't have WiFi support. This enables the whole home DVR functions nothing more. Sounds like it will work fine.

  • @stephen-o-connell This should work fine for this case.

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