Thinking about an Alien router

  • Trying to determine if the Amplifi Alien router is the right choice for me. I live in a 2000sqft single story home with a room over the garage which is my sons room. I have Verizon Fios 300/300. I have approx. 30 devices connected and growing (wired desktop, 3 game systems, 3 cell phones, laptop, tablet, multiple video steaming devices, 2 ring cameras, and some light bulbs just to name some of it). Usually at any given time one or more gaming systems are gaming online, and video is being streamed to a tablet or TV. As of the moment only my wifes iPhone 11 supports AX, the rest are either AC compatible or older 2.4GHz 802.11N.

  • Given the info you provided, I would expect that 1-2 AmpliFi HD units or a single AmpliFi Alien unit would make you happy. Either should be able to max out your 300/300 connection just fine as well as handle well over 30+ devices. In fact, I think AmpliFi HD supports up to 100 and I'm not sure what the Alien's limit is (I'm up to ~65 on mine). A single AmpliFi HD might be able to cover your 2000 sqft just fine but two would definitely cover it, however you choose to extend it. A single AmpliFi Alien will cover it just fine unless you have some kind of special consideration that would be a problem.

    Ultimately, I'd say what you choose should more reflect on how you feel about paying for what you need now vs paying for what you might need in the future. On one hand, an AmpliFi Instant system could also serve your needs, but in my opinion you don't save enough money to buy that over an AmpliFi HD system - just go AmpliFi HD imo. On the other hand, an Alien-based system might be overkill (for what you described above) and you would save quite a bit of money if you went with an AmpliFi HD system. Yet if you chose to replace AmpliFi HD in a year with Alien, well, obviously you should've just gone Alien to begin with, right?

    FYI, my Alien system (2 units, ethernet backhaul) performs very well in my 4700sqft house.

  • Hi @stephen-o-connell - can you centrally place the primary router in the property?
    Or will you need to place the primary router to one side of the property?
    How was the coverage with the EA9300?
    Are the gaming systems all using Ethernet to the main router?

    A single Alien is probably a good option if it can be centrally located and can cover the 2000 sq ft, but make sure you can return it if it can't give you full coverage from where it will be located

    At two locations of homes around 2500 square feet (one single story, one two story), I replaced installations that were using two AmpliFi HD routers utilizing Ethernet backhaul with single Alien router setups, but I had to move the Alien router to a more fairly central location

    The single story, which had the HD routers at either end, could not be covered by a single Alien at the same location as there were too many walls to get through, so I left the modem where it was and moved the backhaul Ethernet cable to the middle of the house and used it for the primary WAN input from the modem instead, and working great

    But every WiFi environment is different and needs some testing, so a good return policy is recommended...

  • @shane-milton is it good for gaming?

  • @stephen-o-connell Covers my 3,000 sq ft home with 30 devices with no problems. I have every type of device you can imagine connected. Washer\dryer, garage door opener, you name it. Zero issues and top notch support,

  • @derek-saville the router is located roughly in the center of the home, and the EA9300 coverage has been great. I was looking at the Alien mainly because I guess I'm programmed by retailers, but the HD gamer and HD routers just look to small to me (bigger means better 🙂 ).

  • Hi @stephen-o-connell - there is a strong probability then that the Alien will work well for your needs

    The HD’s were only 3x3, lacked a second 5GHz radio, and didn’t support MU-MIMO, so the Alien will be closer / better to what you experienced with the EA9300 with the added benefits of WiFi-6 technology

    But the Alien has a few limitations too, like the lack of 160 MHz channel widths currently which may matter to you, so check out online reviews and consider there will be a lot of new router launches at CES this week

    But you won’t be disappointed in Alien unless you need all of the most cutting edge features and advanced configuration

    Part of the beauty of AmpliFi is the simplicity, but that simplicity can be frustrating if you want more than what they offer

  • @stephen-o-connell I'll buy the Alien when told on Amazon. I will not create another account on this site to buy your product.

    Will you sell it on Amazon? Where I bought your Amplifi HD router?

    I guess there rally interested in selling the Alien.

  • @just-me Currently the Alien is being sold on Amazon, but it is sold out and when it is sold out Amazon pulls our listing off the website from view. It has been selling out very fast everywhere, but because they all get replenished from our warehouses, our webstore will be the first ones to have them back in stock.

  • @ui-brett your web site doesn't mention security features of the Alien. Can I assume it has the same basic Firewall protections offered by most home routers? I also thought I saw a post from you in another thread indicating it may have some IPS/IDS functionality am I correct or did I miss read?

  • @stephen-o-connell said in Thinking about an Alien router:

    Can I assume it has the same basic Firewall protections offered by most home routers?

    Correct, same setup as the AmpliFi HD. As for IPS/IDS we currently do not have this implemented into AmpliFi, I believe some users are placing AmpliFi into bridge mode and placing another router (edgerouter) as primary to give a wider selection of more enterprise features.

  • @ui-brett I haven't ever seen it - not even sold out.

  • @just-me We replenish Amazon, so it's hard to get them stock when we have a hard time keeping it in stock on our website. I know the listing is on Amazon because I provide support on Amazon as well, just have to keep checking 😞

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