Mesh connections are very slow

  • Getting some odd wifi connection speeds. I was under the impression that the mesh extenders would operate at the same speed. I have a Comcast 1GB connection and hardware nat is enabled.

    One of the laptops is

    • connecting over 5 GHz
    • RX bitrate of 650 mbps
    • TX bitraite of 780 mbps
    • MIMO is 2x2
    • Google Internet Speed Test 20-25 mbps
    • connecting to extender

    other laptop

    • connecting over 5GHz
    • RX bitrate is 263 mbps
    • tx bitraite is 433 mbps
    • MIMO 1x1
    • Google Internet Speed Test 30-40 mbps
    • connecting to extender

    My Desktop

    • connecting over 5GHz
    • RX of 433 mbps
    • TX of 433 mbps
    • MIMO 1x1
    • Google Internet Speed Test 223 mbps
    • connected to Amplifi Base unit

  • side note. On my iPhone Max I get speeds tests of 372 down... weird.

  • @wil-becker the devices that communicate with a 1x1 or 2x2 antenna will be slower, and the data having to travel through a mesh point and "hop" to the router will result in loss of performance. The benefits of a mesh is seamless roaming from node to node throughout the home and with less loss than range extenders.

    I would suggest starting your diagnostics with removing the mesh points from your home and testing performance without. This will help us identify the areas of the home that need it most, and help us find the best place to install. After placing the mesh points, use the AmpliFi app to identify the mesh points connection strength, I suggest aiming for 90-95% connected on 5GHz.

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