Two iOS devices,only one works.

  • I can setup a Teleport VPN using the VPN app on my ipad using ios13.3. On my iPhone 6 running ios12.4.4 the very same app won't connect. It's strange, because it's communicating with my HD router, the last message I get is 'tunnel active' and then I get a connection failed message. On the remote management of the HD I see the iphone listed as greyed out, so it got somewhere's down the line. I have erased everything, uninstalled, reinstalled app and VPN profile to no avail. What's strange is that this worked several months ago, but I have not tested it since the iPhone upgraded to 12.4.4. The iPad is on 13.3

  • @wayne-wilson Now here is something else that does not work. I have a second Amplfi HD, updated to latest firmware. Since I could not get the iphone6 running with the app, I decided to try and setup the remote HD and use it in router to router mode. So, I did a factory reset on the remote HD, plugged it in and got it configured to the local WAN/LAN and with a wifi SSID. That all works. So, from the client screen, with my ipad connected, I clicked on "Teleport to remote router". Added the code and watched it pop on the home HD device managemend screen "greyed out"just like the iphone6. On the Teleport details area it's just "connecting. please wait"forever, no time outs. I would make this a separate problem, but from my home HD's perspective, it's behaving just the same. Yikes. 2 HD's, one remote one running my home, they both seem just fine. 2 iOS devices, one older iPhone and a newer iPad4 and between them, I can get only the newer iPad to make a teleport connection!

    just to clarify here is the state of things:
    ipad4 to home HD - Teleport App works.
    iPhone 6 to home HD - Teleport App does not work, connection fails.
    remote HD to home HD - Teleport function does not work, connection spins forever.

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