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    So the price difference between getting the kit or two of the routers is small. Other then having the touch screen, I was wondering if there was any other reason to get two AFI-INS-R instead of the kit AFI-INS. On Amazon it's a $10 price difference.

  • Hi @dru-dubay - there is no tangible functional benefit to getting the kit and many negatives versus getting 2 standalone routers which for most outweighs the cost savings:

    • kit mesh point is locked to the kit router so if for any reason the kit router becomes unusable the mesh point is worthless
    • the kit mesh point can never be paired with another router
    • a kit router must always be the primary router, so if you ever wanted to upgrade to an HD, it would have to be placed in mesh point mode behind the less powerful Instant kit router (or replace the Instant kit altogether)
    • the Instant MeshPoint has only one Ethernet port, while a standalone router has 2 which can accommodate BOTH wired backhaul and client Ethernet access simultaneously
    • if you have 2 meshed standalone routers, if the primary router fails then the router acting as a mesh point can be re-purposed as a replacement main router
    • as you stated, standalone routers have displays
    • you can always buy one router first and then see if you actually need a second router, or maybe need something more powerful, like an HD instead

    So most people find the kit’s cost savings not worth the trade offs

  • @derek-saville said in AFI-INS vs (2) AFI-INS-R:

    there is no tangible functional benefit to getting the kit

    Thank you for this detailed explanation! I agree with everything you said, however I might add that there is a benefit to some users for purchasing the kit besides the cost savings.

    For users that are looking for a plug and play experience, having a kit that is factory paired removes any additional configurations that would be needed when purchasing stand alone devices.

    The steps for adding additional mesh points is very simplistic and laid out in this Support Article, however for users who truly want a one step plug and play system, a kit would be a better choice. I personally however would purchase stand alone devices to build my own custom mesh.

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