Another amazed Alien User

  • Just want to commend Amplifi on the Alien product. I have a single story home that is almost 2600 sq ft. I have most of the infrastructure in my house in the center of it (plumbing, kitchen, electrical, etc...). Open floor plan around the kitchen in the center. Because of this I had two Amplifi HDs using a ethernet backhaul main in the front where my internet came in and one in the rear. Additionally I had t 2 wireless access points, one on each of the sides of the house, directed towards the front (mail) Amplifi HD. This was the only way I got full coverage in the house - And it worked wonderfully, with the exception of 1 area that had poor but serviceable coverage.

    Tuesday I installed one single Alien in the same location as my old Main Amplifi HD. The ENTIRE house has a strong signal now, and there are NO dead areas. My coverage covers my entire back yard and my front include across the street into my neighbor's.

    This product is great. I was honestly frustrated because I assumed I would need the second mesh point (the new package that is now available) to cover everything, and had tried to cancel and order the kit with the mesh point, but wasn't able to in time. Happy mistake. I don't need it.

    For those that are curious, I have over 80 devices using a combination of the 2.4 and 5G frequencies. I don't have a single WIFI 6 device.

    Great Product!!!!!

  • @dave-martin Thank you for sharing this story! 80 devices in total, were you able to configure all of them using the additional SSID settings Alien offers or did they all connect to the main SSID? Can't wait to hear about your performance once you incorporate new WiFi-6 devices into your arsenal.

  • All on the main SSID. I haven't looked to see what the maximum concurrent connection is. Lot's of HomeKit, AppleTVs, Phones, Watches, 2 Xbox One, HomePods, 1 iMac, 5 Laptops, Disney Circle, My Picobrew Z Brewer and a Traeger Grill... Haven't seen anything with issues.. Really smooth.

  • After reading all the back and forth on the second 5G Radio and segmenting with additional SSID, I thought I would just see how it worked as a straight port. I really didn't want to go back and reconfigure another SSID then go re-setup devices. Since most of my HomeKit and other home IOT items are 2.4 G, I would leave that alone and implement a different 5G for Xbox & Streaming devices...

    It's been a week now and haven't seen or heard any complaints so I really am hoping I am within that threshold that it's good together...

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