Additional 5ghz on by default?

  • Should the additional 5ghz radio be on by default? Seems mine is always on after a firmware update.

  • @mike-p mine shows as on so I assume that’s the default state.

  • Do you both have multiple Aliens in a mesh configuration?

    I have single Alien installs in bridge mode and the Additional 5 GHz Radio appears off by default on v3.2.5

    Maybe it’s a mesh thing?

  • @derek-saville I do have a mesh setup.

  • @derek-saville I have 2 Aliens meshed via Ethernet

  • Hi @UI-Karlis - should anything cause the Additional 5GHz Radio option to be enabled by default?

  • @derek-saville I turned mine off but just rebooted my Alien because ipv6 was showing an issue in the app. After the reboot the additional 5GHz Radio was back on.

  • Hi @mike-p - strange, I have 2 Alien installs and the app shows the Additional 5GHz radio as OFF for both
    Just rebooted one of them and it remained OFF

    On a 3rd Alien, not in bridge mode, I explicitly had to turn the Additional 5GHz radio ON to install an HD as an Ethernet bridge in 3rd party mode, as the option was originally OFF

  • @derek-saville I only have a setting to turn off and on additional radio on my main alien, not the mesh one. There is a setting for additional 5GHz SSID, but i'm not referring to that one.

  • Hi @mike-p - I am referring to this setting...

    Mine stays OFF by default, even after reboots at 2 separate Alien sites

    (I had to enable this feature at a 3rd separate Alien site from the default OFF setting, so I know it was remaining off there as well)

  • @derek-saville still a little confused as to if this should be off or on for best performance. I see conflicting reports on what this actually does so clarity would be appreciated

  • Well I'm using the android app and actually I'm finding I can't turn it off. I turn it off and hit the check mark, the router responds and when I go back into the settings page, it is enabled again.

  • Hi @rick-daino-1 - the way @UI-Brett previously described it, the Wi-Fi 6 radios should be backward compatible with everything on 5 GHz

    So OFF would be the best performance if all of your clients are compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 radios

    However, if you run into a 5 GHz client that for some reason doesn't like connecting to Wi-Fi 6, you can enable the legacy 5 GHz radio for added compatibility

    @UI-Brett also suggested there is Radio Steering going on if you leave the SSID the same as the Main SSID, or you can give the Additional 5 GHz Radio it's own SSID

    I am not aware of any clients greater than 4x4 MIMO yet, and the Alien appears to operate as two 4x4 devices over the eight 5 GHz antenna ports, so it likely isn't affecting anything on the client side

    But what we don't know is how the Alien is handling wireless backhaul and if Alien supports Uplink MU-MIMO - so this could be detrimental to wireless mesh performance if it contends with available backhaul bandwidth

    What I found useful was enabling the Additional 5 GHz Radio with its own unique SSID and then installing a leftover HD router in 3rd party Standalone Mesh Point mode, so that I could use the HD's Ethernet ports for media devices over a dedicated 3x3 backhaul = saved me the cost of buying a second Alien

    You could try this with your PS4 (dedicated 5 GHz SSID) if the Wi-Fi 5 signal can reach it

    This doesn't seem to affect the Wi-Fi 6 performance at all since they operate on different channels (hence the Radio Steering?)

    It would be great if @UI-Brett could explain the benefits and especially the drawbacks and trade-offs of using it though...

  • Hi @mike-p - must be a bug in the app...for reference, I am using iOS

  • @derek-saville thank you so much! This is really good info and helpful 🙂

    Is there documentation somewhere that speaks to setting up an HD unit in 3rd party mesh mode as you mentioned as this is possibly an option I’d also entertain so I could use the Ethernet ports on the back to plug into the PS4, etc...

  • Is there documentation somewhere that speaks to setting up an HD unit in 3rd party mesh mode...

    Hi @rick-daino-1 - the generic help instructions are here

    My question to @UI-Brett about doing this can be found in Using AmpliFI and AmpliFI Alien Together?

    1. Factory Reset HD router
    2. Enable Additional 5 GHz Radio option with a unique SSID
    3. Install HD router as a Standalone Mesh Point to the Alien's additional 5 GHz radio unique SSID
      (note that this is NOT a true mesh and the HD will be managed separately from the Alien)

    You might try checking if your PS4 can just connect to the unique SSID directly first before installing the HD as a standalone mesh point

    For me this was the simplest and cheapest way to get some extra remote Ethernet ports with the Alien and haven't run into any issues so far
    The HD is the only wireless client that knows the unique SSID, so it has the backhaul link all to itself

  • I'm still confused as whether the additional 5GHz is needed? Do I need to turn on the WiFi 6 5GHz since it shows the main channel is already connecting using 802.11ax. If I turn these on can the additional radios use the same name as the main?

  • @derek-saville Just tried with the ios app, same results as android app.

  • @vincent-ngo You do not need to enable this, it is for specific uses when devices will not connect to the default SSID.

  • Hi @mike-p - very strange, the image I posted above was a screen shot from the iOS app

    Can you send a Support Info file to @UI-Karlis?
    His e-mail is [email address removed]
    He might be able to sort out why you can't turn it off

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