AmpliFi version of UniFi LTE

  • Any chance of AmpliFi doing a redundant WAN over 5G or LTE in the future like the UniFi LTE?

    Or build this in to a future router and allow for direct 5G only service?

  • @derek-saville I do not see this on our road map, but will add it to our feature request list for you.

  • That would be super device! Just an Amplifi with WAN over LTE e.g. as fallback to Ethernet WAN or vice versa.

    Now I use external LTE device with small commutator switching to LTE manually or automatically if Ethernet is down e.g. on Power loss (provider's device have no power backup). It would be great if one of Amplifi will able to do it out of the box. 🙂 One device instead of 3. Dreams...

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