AmpliFi alien (adaptive qos for gaming over ethernet and wifi)

  • Hello AmpliFi team.
    I must say you have the best looking and most powerful router i have ever seen.

    The only thing keeping me from buying is:
    Adaptive QoS for prioritizing game traffic ((OVER ETHERNET AND WIFI))
    You only have it for wifi .. and i only play using cables.
    If an update comes and support it ill buy 2 and make the best aimesh ever.

    Please support this.. its my only wish.
    Thank you!

  • @kayan-us you mean like Asus adaptive QoS?

    That relies on trend micros deep packet inspection engine, but the Asus implementation lacks cake-fq_codel sadly.
    At the moment I'm using my RT ax88u as my primary router and the amplfii hd kit to handle wifi for me.

    And I agree with you that it should be a feature, that is implemented.

  • @kayan-us Thanks for the suggestion! I will add this to our list of requests for future consideration.

  • @UI-JT thank you!
    Also monitoring ethernet connected devices speed.
    Really important to me.

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