FIOS Gigabit service not coming in at full speed - Airport time capsule at ONT and Amplifi on first floor

  • Hi everyone. New to Amplifi and the forum. I have FiOS Gigabit service. I have set up my network with an Airport time capsule connected to the ethernet port at the ONT in the basement and the Amplifi Instant on my first floor. At the moment neither are in bridge mode. It does not look like the Amplifi (connected by Ethernet to Airport) is getting the full gigabit. Did I set up something wrong? Any thoughts? Thanks so much.

  • @robert-cohen Place the AmpliFi in bridge mode and test speeds wired after.

  • JT, Thanks. I checked speed wired from Ethernet port to computer and I was getting almost the full gigabit. When I switched to bridge mode on the Amplifi Instant the performance test showed my download speed going down from about 250 Mbps to 219 Mbps on download and down from 180 Mbps to 162 on the upload.

    The Amplifi under any circumstance does not seem to be getting the full gig, unless I am missing something.

  • @robert-cohen Depending on network workload, the Instant is not a prefered device for gig performance. It has a gig LAN port, but majority of customers never achieve gig speeds with the lack of performance that the Instant offers. Also, hardware NAT which in most cases is required to achieve gig speeds is not supported on the AmpliFi Instant. I would suggests you pursue returning the Instant and purchasing the AmpliFi HD (AFI-R) instead.

  • @ui-brett Brett, When will that model be back in stock?

  • @robert-cohen I do not have an ETA on our store, but it is available currently through Amazon. The images on this listing show the mesh point, but the price and description is for the router. We have notified Amazon of this error but it is safe to order and receive the HD router.

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