Still no OpenVPN support?

  • Re: Open VPN or support for VPN client

    I understand marketing so you want your teleport to sell. But my current situation is I have an amplifi mesh network, with no way to use OpenVPN and an inoperable USB port. You guys are making it really difficult to stick with. I am moving into a new house next month and I may have to not only ditch my perfectly fine router because of lack of basic features (mind you, that some routers in the same price have) for a different company. Please tell me at some point your going to update firmware and give full OpenVPN support and maybe just maybe utilize the USB on my router.

  • @david-holmes This is currently not on the road map for the product but I will add your vote for this feature. As for the USB here is what was has been stated "Activating the USB port on the AmpliFi HD is something we will not be doing at this time and is not on the list of future changes. There has been some confusion around this in the past, I am sorry for the confusion."

  • @UI-JT Confusion is accidental. Poping a USB on the side of a device and alluding to its future activation is false advertising. There is a significant difference. If it were yanked from the roadmap prior or even soon after release, that might of been more transparent. In all honesty its given me pause to buy another product from your company. While I have nothing but praise for your tech support, this was shady.

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