Alien Router runs hot

  • Is the back of the router where the LAN ports supposed to be that warm?

  • @vincent-ngo is it sitting in a location with lots of ventilation, or a more enclosed room if you don't mind me asking?

  • @edward-dolezal it's sitting on a desk out in the open

  • Hi @vincent-ngo - under load or lightly loaded?

    Mine is barely warm to the touch under light load and only gets slightly warm when Teleport streaming video from the US.

    Have you rebooted it to see if it there is any change?

  • Also do you have screen brightness turned all the way up, try dimming it a little. I have two Alien’s connected and they are warm but never hot.

  • @derek-saville under very light to little load.

  • @rick-daino-1 Brightness is around 35% brightness

  • Hi @vincent-ngo - under “very light to little load” your Alien should not be getting so hot as to cause any concern...and for the ones I have installed they barely get warm at all

    If you have rebooted the router and it is getting hot I would strongly consider returning it

  • @vincent-ngo If you feel like the heat it is generating is not normal operating temperature, I can work with you to exchange the unit. Please reach out via DM when you are ready and I will begin the processes.

  • @derek-saville when almost idle the entire unit is very warm. Usually I wouldn't notice this on equipment but since this router is out on a desk and also interacting w/ the LCD screen I can sense it's very warm. It's not even in router mode and just in bridge mode as my main router does most of the work.

  • Hi @vincent-ngo - I would definitely direct message contact @UI-Brett and start an RMA to get it exchanged

    If the router is having power issues that may also relate to the fluctuations in speeds you are seeing

    AmpliFi would want that unit back for analysis

  • @derek-saville Yes. I have contacted Brett and they are super responsive so far. Also as an additional test I woke up today after the LCD/LED has been off for well over 8 hours (night mode) and definitely zero to little activity since everyone was sleeping.

    The unit still feels very warm to the touch. This is not only the metal on the lan ports but the plastic/rubber on the side and top of the case. That means it must be pretty hot inside to get plastic/rubber material which is an insulator to get that warm. It feels like a bit like my blanket warmer. I agree it could be related to the low performance if for whatever reason the component is running on overdrive like high CPU or doing some unnecessary processing in bridge mode. I really hope this will also resolve the performance speeds as I have really high hopes for this unit.

    I'm holding off on getting a 2nd or 3rd one to do a mesh configuration until I see the performance improvements. I will report back after I receive the replacement early next week. Again, many thanks to @UI-Brett for making the process very smooth so far.

  • Got the replacement. It was slightly better but still warm on the case and hotter on the lan port itself. One thing I did notice as I left it on 3.2.0 firmware for about 40 mins doing some tests to see if performance improved as I was getting 300-400 down/300 up with an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    On firmware 3.2.0 the unit was running much cooler and cool to the touch (both case and lan port). Once I upgraded to 3.2.5 I noticed it warm again (unit was warm and lan port warmer). A little better than the previous unit. One thing that seemed to do improve was the download speeds as I was getting expected numbers.


    I noticed that this seemed to happen when I selected a particular ISP for testing so the bottleneck could be the ISP. What I would recommend would be for Amplifi to provide speedtest between a device and the router and cut out the ISP. The ISP test gives really fast results although speedtest might be limited by the ISP chosen.


    This would help determine if it's router/device or just the internet itself.

  • I posted a more in-depth analysis on performance here that seems to indicate another possibly reason why some are seeing slower speeds than others.

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