Alien Router as Meshpoint: What is this symbol?

  • Yesterday, I added a 2nd Alien Router as a wireless meshpoint to my network. Initial install went fine, and the display on the new Alien (meshpoint) looked familiar. I updated it to latest firmware 3.2.5 and all was well, with the app showing 100% signal quality. (Wow).

    Awhile later, I manually scrolled the screens on the new Alien (meshpoint) to see what was different than my base Alien Router. When I returned to the home menu, below the normal hardwired/wireless balls indicating number of connected clients, a new third ball appeared as a 5-segment circle with 89% showing in the center (it wasn't originally there until after I scrolled the displays.) An hour or so later, that number dropped to 83% and has remained the same when I've spot-checked. I thought this unique symbol may be displaying meshpoint signal quality back to the primary router, but the app continues displaying it as 100% (i.e. there is either a discrepancy between the app and physical display, or this number means something else.)

    What is this segmented circle percentage displaying on the primary physical display of an Alien Router set up as a meshpoint? (I looked through FAQs and minimal Alien documentation, but have not found this one.). Thanks in advance. My inquiring mind would like to know!

  • @bert-l check the signal status to the client device might be that, though I'm not sure because I don't as of yet have an alien myself due to it not being currently available in Australia.

  • @bert-l This looks like a discrepancy. The MeshPoint will read out signal level to the main router but the app should match this, can you send in screenshots and a support file? Thanks.

  • @ui-jt Thanks JT. I just sent in the info and screenshot of the Alien Router Meshpoint as well as app signal quality.

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