[Resolved] Remote Access Isn't Working -- "Oops, something went wrong, please try again later"...

  • This was working for a while, but then not.
    From within the network, if I try to turn on Remote Access with the app, I get this (image below).
    From outside my network, I'm just unable to find my Amplifi router (so it's clearly not working).
    Any suggestions?


  • @jack-rogers You do not happen to have any VPN services enabled do you? They can create issue like this some times. If you switch to mobile data does it cause this same error? Are you using a modem router combo in front of the AmpliFi. I would reset the router and see if that does not clear it up.

  • All good now.

    In case someone else encounters the same issue:
    I got AmpliFi support via chat, and the agent asked which credentials I was using (Ubiquiti account, Google, or Facebook). So I logged out of Remote Access and logged back in -- this time, specifically using my Ubiquiti credentials. This resolved the issue. I had apparently selected the Google account and my account was not linked to Google.

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