AmpliFi ALIEN randomly rebooted, got stuck and had to be factory reset

  • After an uptime of 7 days, I woke up today to find my wifi down. Per my nest cameras, Internet dropped out around 2 AM and the AmpliFi ALIEN had "rebooting" on the screen with flashing green lights (I guess for 5 hours). After power cycling, it would get to 99% and then start flashing green lights and get stuck. After another power cycle, the same thing. A full factory reset restored the router.

    Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to help diagnose this if it happens again? I'm fairly troubled about the reliability of the router since it only made it to a 7 day uptime, and having to go through a full factory reset is SUPER painful.

  • This just happened again after a two day update. The router froze rebooting randomly and then got stuck at 99% on power cycle. Is there any resolution for this? If not, I'm going to have to return the router.

  • Hi @jeff-sher - you might consider sending @UI-Brett or @UI-JT a direct message requesting an RMA replacement Alien

  • @jeff-sher Please PM me for help with an RMA

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