Possible Issue with Ethernet Ports on Alien Mesh

  • I believe I have uncovered a new issue with my AmpliFi Aliens tonight and could use some guidance please.

    Philips Hue Lights are completely unresponsive when my PS4 is on.

    I have two AmpliFi Aliens with the 2nd Alien connected via Ethernet Backbone as a Meshpoint.

    My PS4 is plugged via ethernet into my main AmpliFi Alien while the Philips Hue Hub is connected to the back of the 2nd AmpliFi Alien (Mesh point) via Ethernet

    What I witness:
    When my PS4 is on my Philips Hue lights can turn on and off via their wall switches and show as online via the AmpliFi App but are totally unresponsive and unable to access via their respective app (dim, change color, on and off etc...)

    It would seem that for some reason there might be a conflict happening when both of these devices are turned on. Remember however they are both connected via ethernet cable so this is not a wireless issue. I have tried plugging the Philips Hue Hub into another port on the back of the Alien and the same issue happens. I find the problem only resolves when I turn off my PS4.

    Please let me know any steps I should take to resolve this issue. If it helps I have already grabbed a support file from the mesh unit when this happens, just let me know who to send it to.


  • Hi @rick-daino-1 - could it be related to the Philips Hue Sync that connects the Hue with PS4?
    Maybe Hue Sync is somehow automatically linking to the PS4 when it is on but not working correctly?

  • @derek-saville I don’t utilize hue synch so that should not be it. It almost seems like a network collision is happening but I have no way to validate that.

  • Hi @rick-daino-1 - that is strange

    You might consider also grabbing a Support Info file with the PS4 is off and Hue working, and e-mail it along with the one from when the PS4 is on directly to BRETT.BENNETT@UBNT.COM referencing this thread

    Also under the Family tab, expand the Ethernet Ports, and check the entries for both the PS4 and the Hue when the PS4 is off and on

    Unfortunately I believe they still don't show the IP addresses for LAN clients under the Advanced - Client Details to know if there is an IP conflict, but the entries should be there

  • @derek-saville good call on the support file grab while it’s working. Just got both - it’s very easy for me to replicate this now, happens every time I have my PS4 on. I’ll need to test with other devices that I have hardwired to see if they exhibit the same behavior

  • Hi @rick-daino-1 - besides @UI-Brett you might also e-mail the Support Info files directly to @UI-Karlis as well
    His e-mail is [email address removed] and you can also reference this thread

    There may be internal routing issues between the WiFi and the LAN networks across Ethernet backhauled mesh points

    When you have the PS4 turned on and the Philips Hue is not accessible in their app, is the app running on a wireless client?

    If so, can you try to get the wireless client hosting the Hue app to separately attach to both Alien access points (the main Alien router and then the Alien RAMP) and see if it makes a difference?

    Can you run the Hue app on a wired LAN client, like a PC or MAC and also see if it makes a difference connecting to either Alien?

  • @rick-daino-1 Since it is easy for you to replicate at this point, could you grab a support file while everything is working (PS4 off). Then turn your PS4 on to cause the issue with the Philips Hue and then generate a second support file so we can compare.

  • @ui-brett not a problem, I have the files from last night and just sent them your way. I can replicate this at will so if you need more files, info or anything just let me know.

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