2 Routers 1 at the modem 1 wired into my computer. Compute one keeps haning.

  • So I have the Apmplfi HD system. I have the 1 router and 2 wall plug in things and the I bought another single router to plug my PC into.
    I'm running into a problem where when I download something big the router at my PC starts to drop. It has "connecting" and the dots on the screen. It however is still working but eventally stops working.
    I've had my cable company replace my entire cable and it's still doing it. I think it might be the router.

    It doesn't seem to do it when I limit the download speed to 10mb/s instead of letting it go unlimited.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • @c-brown Does the AmpliFi at the modem say connecting like the other one or is it just the AmpliFi at the computer? What signal level does it have and what frequency is it using?

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