Alien and Verizon Fios.

  • Hello. I currently have Fios and their G3100 router. I just purchased the the Alien and 1 mesh alien. Verizon wasn’t very helpful. The guy told me to either connect my alien to their router and turn off the WiFi to that device. Will that make the Alien the main router?

    The other was he told me to put the alien in Bridge mode and let their router be the main, but I didn’t spend their kind of money to have it in bridge. Or just return the alien and buy their extender.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I am excited to use the Alien.

  • Hi @h-k - can you put the G3100 into Bridge mode?

    The ideal setup is putting the G3100 into Bridge mode and disabling the G3100's WiFi

    If that isn't possible, and you don't want to run the Alien in Bridge mode, you have to find creative ways to join the G3100 & Alien together, which highly depends on how much control Verizon gives you over the G3100 since there is limited control of the Alien

    Do you have any services that require the G3100 to act as a router?

    You might find solutions on a Verizon FIOS forum

    In many cases it involves disabling DHCP servers (Alien cannot), limiting DHCP ranges to a single device and jumpering the WAN to LAN side, splitting / matching subnets and/or other tricks depending on what options are available to you...but these hacks are less than ideal of having one of the two devices in a true Bridge mode

    If you find a solution, please follow up and let the forum know

  • @derek-saville the g3100 cannot be put in bridge mode. I am not so tech savvy so I am at a loss. I believe you need the g3100 for voice and cable updates. If I get a solution, I will be sure to post.

  • Hi @h-k - it doesn't look like you will be alone in your quest...

    It might become more complicated than it's worth and easier to just stay with the Verizon extenders if the G3100 meets your needs

  • @derek-saville thank you. The router doesn’t fit our needs. We have diminished signal in my office which is where I need it most. I might just cancel Fios and go with cable. It’s so Verizon to make it hard to do business with them.

    Can I do WAP with my Verizon router?

  • @h-k What are the features that you will be missing if you put the Alien in Bridge Mode? AmplFi products are not particularly known for their feature-rich router capabilities anyway and I guess that most people use them for their excellent wifi range rather than firewall abilities.

  • @ali-hadi thank you for your post. I guess I am confused. If the alien is in bridge mode, I thought it wouldn’t work? Will I still get the excellent coverage? Thank you so much.

  • Hi @h-k - Alien WiFi coverage is the same in Bridge Mode as when it is a router, so it works fine
    Just make sure you disable the WiFi on the FiOS router
    Many people, myself included, run in Bridge Mode behind other routers

  • @h-k This article will break down some of the features lost in Bridge Mode..

  • @h-k as Derek Saville states having the Alien or any router in bridge mode while connected to your Fios router should work very well. I currently use an Apple router with plans to purchase an Alien. The Apple router is in bridge mode connected to my Fios router which is needed for several tv functions. However the Fios router was installed into a metal cabinet in a storage room of our apartment with the ONT box. The apartment was new construction and that’s where they cabled up such utilities. So I have the Fios unit’s radios turned off, their range from that metal box in that closet would be significantly limited.

    The Apple router provides my WiFi network and is centrally located within the apartment connected by an Ethernet cable that runs back to the Fios unit. As mentioned some features are unavailable with this configuration but none that we need. I am expecting that the Alien in the same location should have even better coverage.

  • Hi @ui-brett - for Alien you should include the Add Blocker in the list of unavailable features in Bridge mode

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