More Ethernet Ports

  • How should I configure the amplifi hd to work with an ethernet switch that can give wired access to more devices? I have more than 4 rooms. I have 8 but I cannot connect them all through the built in switch in the hd unit. Also, if a switch is in the mix, how do I set up the hd unit to just be a wifi unit? Hopefully I am using the right words.

  • @andres-betts I just plugged my switch I to the lan port of the amplfii the I used the lan ports on the switch to connect my devices that are far form the router, and the remaining LAN ports for the ones closer to the router.

  • @andres-betts You can connect a switch the AmpliFi to connect more wired devices. I do not think you will want it to "just do WiFi" unless you have another router in front of the AmpliFi.

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