Configurable internet health check

  • My Amplifi Alien is used in bridge mode as a "dumb AP" but it continues to hammer Google domains for the health check. There are two Google URLs hit every 30 seconds. This is skewing the statistics in my Pi Hole which manages my DNS requests to the internet. My AP should not know nor care if the internet is working and if I did want some sort of health check I would only care that my Amplifi Alien could reach my upstream router handling my WAN connection.

    This health check should be:

    1. Optional - the user should be able to enable/disable this health check
      a. If disabled the internet should be assumed to be up at all times
    2. Configurable - the user should be able to configure the IP/URL used for the health checks

    The hard-coded URLs in the current health check are:

    Having used a plethora of commercial devices with health checks (Cisco, Cradlepoint, Nexaira, etc.) and even open source software like mwan3 on OpenWRT I have yet to have come across a networking product that had forced and hard-coded health checks like this. Having worked for one of those companies I just named on products that had such health checks I can tell you that if anyone had suggested using forced and hard-coded health checks that idea would have been shot down in seconds as being absurd. It seems strange that a company with the size, scale and skill of Ubiquiti/Amplifi would have made such a design decision.

    Say my upstream router fails over to a data-capped 3G/4G connection I'm now forced to eat this data usage 2,880 times per day and 86,400 times per month. Sure I can make an ACL to block traffic from my Alien to the internet but then I have a nag screen on the LCD telling me my internet is down.

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  • FWIW - I've actually found the "health check" useful. I had an intermittent problem with my internet connection where it would "blip" periodically (it would drop for about 1 minute and then reconnect). My Amplifi HD is in bridge mode (2 others in RAMP mode) and the only way I could figure out that the internet connection was down (unless I happened to be on my computer) was by looking at the display of one of the units. I was then able to grab the provider's modem logs to pinpoint when the connection went down and what was going on at that time. Though I agree that being able to toggle the setting would be good.

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