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  • I want the option to turn off each radio both individually and all Radio's completely. I have a 2.4 ghz crowded environment at home and would like to be able to turn 2.4 off on my Amplifi. Additionally I am using an Unifi AP and don't need WiFi from the Amplifi itself and would actually like to turn off all Radio's on it. Please add an option to turn off each and all WiFi Radio's. Also consider letting us tweak the signal strength manually to suit our needs. Just make an advanced section in the app or something.

  • I’d also like to see this functionality.

  • @craig-lynam said in Disable Radio's:

    d also like to see this functionality.

    Me 2!
    Disable wifi with one touch on screen Amplifi (its touchscreen)

  • Me 2!
    It's great idea with the touchscreen

  • Looking for this feature too, to disable each wifi radio. Would like to see it in the mobile app.

  • I'm looking for this feature too! I bought this device thinking i could turn on and off 2.4ghz because my Google WiFi doesn't let me.

    I may return this device back to the store because of this issue.

  • +1 This feature would put this mesh above the rest. 2.4 is way too crowded and needs to be disabled when no devices need it

  • Agree 100%, users should be able to shut off radio power. Ideally this could be done selectively for the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, but even if it is just a global "Sleep EMF" feature, hopefully timed but even just manually controlled, it would be a win. Public concerns about unnecessary radio exposure continue to increase; this feature could be a big selling point. Please see https://www.emfanalysis.com/ehs/ for a list of medical conditions that may be associated with EMF exposure. Whether this real or alarmism makes no difference from Amplifi's business standpoint; if customers feel strongly about being able to reduce unnecessary EMF exposure, please give them the tools to do it.

  • @bill-burgess Thank you for your suggestion! I will add it to the list of feature requests for future consideration.

  • I also agree with this request and would like to see it implemented.

  • Hi!

    This is really a feature that is needed!

    Ran into a problem when trying to connect a smart device only supporting 2.4, and my iPads / iPhone were all connecting to 5 ghz..

    Using the app for this Smart device it was impossible to make it connect with my WiFi (tried a dozen times...) Rebooting my Amplifi. Reseting the Smart device and so on.. Nothing helped! What I had to do was to power off my Amplifi system. Dig up my old 2.4 only router. Configure it with the same SSID / WPA password as my Amplifi. And like magic the app made the device connect to WiFi in seconds..

    Disconnected my old router. Powered up my Amplifi setup again, and "bingo!" the smart device connected to the Amplifi!

    With the ability to disable 5 Ghz radio this could have solved this problem...

    Maybe a "disable 5 ghz for 10 mins" button on the touchscreen for those "old" smart devices?

    Would also love to see the ability to switch off / on radios seperately in the app!


  • @tore-børseth-bjørnsen AmpliFi has the option to generate an additional SSID that is 2.4GHz or 5GHz only. This should be a solution to the problem you just described. Here is an article you can reference for configuration:

  • @ubnt-brett hi this solution gives no security options ? the ability to switch off the radios (2.4 or 5 or both) is a fundamental feature of most WiFi routers these days. I get most bought amplifi mesh systems and not just the router ... but the option to turn them off and adjust the strength will be a very welcomed feature

    I bought the router primarily for its aesthetics and have a Unifi ap pro in my ceiling ... so the more use cases you can cater for ... the happier customers will be 🙂

  • @ubnt-brett I know about that possibility, but I would prefer to only have a single SSID for my wifi. So back to square one. I see other mesh routers out there has this option «trick up their sleeve» which disables 5ghz for a period of time to solve exactly what I experienced.

  • @tore-børseth-bjørnsen I can certainly add your vote to the list of feature requests. There is no ETA on that feature however so however so hopefully in the meantime the other solution I provided works for you.

  • Pretty Please!!!!!

  • Another vote for being able to keep wired connections going and turn off the WiFi radios.

  • I support this also, should be enough vooto get this done by now.

  • Currently use AMPLIFI router only to provide vpn access to a Teleport. Don’t really need the WiFi on the router. Would need to turn both bands off; just cluttering the space.

  • @gabriel-cutrini I supports your statement. I do the same thing!