Disable Radio's

  • Original poster of this feature request, and over 3 years running this still has gone no where. Where do the votes go? Right to the shredder. This was such a basic and necessary feature request and its beyond crazy that they did nothing and clearly will do nothing to add it. As far as I'm concerned they really missed the mark on this and my Amplify is going into the trash bin next to all our "votes" and comments. Good luck to all. They clearly don't care.

  • Bought an Amplifi HD a couple of days ago and am already considering returning it.
    Can not turn off 2.4 / 5GHz WiFi????
    That is something I have I been able to do on several different brands of routers for several years
    and something that has been counted as an obvious setting option!
    Read on forums and heard from friends about this brand and about how good it is.
    But this will probably make me go back to one of the brands I have had before, if there is no solution.

  • @Danbow Hi this feature is not implemented yet.

  • @UI-AmpliFi yet...

  • yet.... From 2017.

  • Can we ever expect this feature to be implemented?

  • Not having this feature is making me want to return this. The band steering isn't wide enough and the wifi is interfering with my wireless headset on 5ghz. If I can't steer it away from the right frequencies, then let me disable it altogether please. I wish I had seen these posts before purchasing at this point.

  • @Clinton-Schaeffer I think if it was going to happen it would have by now. They just don't want to spoil our hopes by bringing bad news 😉

  • I don't know but I found an option do so under one of the web settings, I men web GUI, settings I think it's under beta options, please don't quote me but actually check for your self I'll see about screen shoting it.

  • @Edward-Dolezal What web gui? All I get if I try to browse to the router is a pretty page telling me to download the android app.

  • @Inge-Jones odd that's what I get on my mesh points, my router is in bridge mode so unless there is a difference in administration modes bettween router and bridge then I'm not sure, I'll take a screenshot.

  • @Edward-Dolezal Mine is in bridge mode too

  • @Inge-Jones hang on trying to work out how to post this screenshot I lot my photo bucket login sadly so I'll have to see if media fire works.

  • @Edward-Dolezal Well I can't get any of those pages. It just redirects everything I type back to download.php
    which is trying to get me to download the app I already have.

    Ok I take that back - stupid Fing was telling me the wrong device was the master router 🙄 Ok then looks like it's in testing. I won't sign up for the beta as I don't need that feature right now and I value the stability but certainly worth a try for anyone who's been having problems not being able to use the feature

  • @Inge-Jones I'm on the stable firmware I was in testing before on the last beta, but atlest there is hope I guess.

    Also it works well for me my headset doesn't cut out anymore.

  • I would like to see this beta feature on the Amplifi Ailen as well. I am using an Amplifi HD with the mesh. Yet, I also have an Alien for the wifi 6 in my office. The 2.4ghz severely impacts my wireless headphone connection. I don't use the 2.4 and I just want it off... Please add this to the alien ASAP.

  • Dear @UI-AmpliFi!

    It's 2021 and we are still waiting, can you share some updates when this feature can be expected? My Gaming HD is very keen to have it as soon as able.

  • This essential feature is still not implemented and we are in 2021 now! Most routers have this as standard and every time I need to connect a new Smart device to my network, I have to dig out my old router, turn off the 5Gz wifi, connect my device and then re-install the Amplifi router. What an unnecessary faff!
    Please get this sorted

  • Holy cow! I just did a basic google search asking how to do this. Never in a million years would I think that something as basic as this would not exist as a feature. Looking through the thread, this has been an ask for YEARS now. Is this really hwo Amplifi responds to customer requests? Returning mine tomorrow before I run out of time...based on this one issue alone. Its clear how Amplifi addresses customer concerns. Definitely not customer centric.