Disable Radio's

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  • @ubnt-brett Sorry, that does not solve that problem. I have it, too. The device will be configured with the EXACT name of the network. The additional SSID feature appends a suffix, with no way to remove it.

    Many WiFi accessories (doorbells, appliances, even essential oil diffusers) operate only on 2.4 GHz. Your phone and the device need to both be on the same network and frequency in order for an app to set them up. But once setup, they can communicate across the router.

    It's not ideal, but it is the reality. The ability to turn the individual radios on and off, like every other router on the planet, is a necessity.

  • @edward-s Thanks for your suggestions!

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    I'd love to have a simple on/off toggle for each of the radios. Perhaps put them under advanced wireless settings, where the "Automatic" and "Channel" controls are for each, too. (If either or both of these are disabled, perhaps the band steering toggle in the main Wireless menu should get greyed out, but that's just a tiny detail.)

  • So stupid power users don't have control of being able to do such a simple thing. I'm literally just a few feet away from the Amplifi HD router and it's putting me on 2.4Ghz, when from my modem I had no issues at all on the 5GHz band (and why would I if I'm so close anyways).

  • I'd also like to see this feature.... doesn't seem to be a hard task of turning each radio off right? Not sure why this hasn't been implemented yet. Also on an unrelated note I would like to see a site survey feature

  • Just to add my vote for this feature. I had exactly the same problem when configuring a smart home device which supports only 2,4 GHz band and the app would refuse to connect unless my phone is on the 2,4 GHz network. There is no way for me to force the phone to connect to 2,4 GHz or turn off the 5 GHz radio on the router. So, I am stuck. Quite disappointing that there no such a simple feature to turn off either radios on the router...

  • Would also like to see this implemented, seems like a no brainer.

  • I returned my amplifi system until turning off radios is supported. Just thought you guys would like to know how important this is to me.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Smart device needs a 2.4ghz connection and my Amplifi system does not have this basic feature. How many users needs to complain before they take any notice. The goven solution is not a solution because you can not give it your own name. Why on earth the developer thinks we want 2g in the name? I hope they listen to their customers, otherwise i need to return my 2 mesh routers and 4 antennes because it is useless.
    So another unsatisfied customer here. We are waiting over years and still this basic feature is missing. Which mesh router should I buy instead?

  • I am in the same boat. I have smart devices which are on the 2.5ghz band, but my phone is connected on the 5ghz band. There is no way for me to force bands on my phone. The simplest solution is for the router to have a way to disable certain bands. Please add this feature in the next update. This feature is so important, especially when smart devices are becoming more popular in everyday household.

  • Just want to keep this thread going.

    Need to have the ability to turn off either/both radios.

  • Are the devs receiving this request at all?

  • @dio-vayne Yes, however we cannot guarantee that a feature will be implemented or when it will be implemented. Thanks.

  • It's been what, a year since this suggestion was made? This is a desperately needed feature. 2.4GHz band congestion is messing with other systems in my home. The only thing firing off traffic on 2.4GHz is my own damn Amplifi setup, firing away on all 2.4GHz channels.

    alt text

    Let's please get into the year 2020 with a focus on implementing controls that have been common in wireless routing systems for flipping years.

  • Hi @justin-d-onofrio - do you want to permanently turn off 2.4 GHz?

    If so, and you aren’t afraid of voiding your warranty, you can crack open the router (videos are on YouTube) and disconnect the 2.4 GHz radio from the Super Antenna

    Not ideal, but it gets the job done...

  • @derek-saville Damn that’s the nuclear option. I’ll think about it for sure. The 2.4GHz broadcasts are definitely adding noise into my environment. Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi @justin-d-onofrio - very nuclear to cut the power to a radio

    You can find some good Internal board images on the HD FCC filings

    I have only disabled all WiFi by disconnecting the barrel connector wire leads to the Super Antenna board which is temporary and reversible on the HD

    You can then cut off the snaps to make the case more of a slip on cover for easier access

    The snaps are very aggressive one-time catches and not meant to be undone

  • Hey so I saw someone was having issues connecting 2.4GHz only compatible devices (i.e. smart devices) to the network and configuring them with their phone without being able to choose which band they connect to. After days of trying to figure this out I finally figured out a fix.

    So first you download a Wifi analyzer app, preferably "WiFi Analyzer - WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner" since it actually tells you which net you are on (2.4/5GHz), but it has terrible ads.

    Once you have that uncheck "band steering" on the Ampli router.
    Then open up the app and you will likely see both the 2.4/5GHz bands with the same SSID and you will likely be on 5GHz. Then you start walking away from your router until the 5GHz range is so low that you automatically connect to 2.4GHz. At that point you can come back to the router and you should be stuck on the 2.4GHz until you turn off and on wifi on your phone. Once I got a lock on the 2.4 band I was able to walk around my house and set up all of my 2.4GHz (only) compatible devices. This was impossible before with having to guess what band you are on etc.

    Hope this helps someone, sucks that in a year they haven't given us an option to display/turn off either band like we could on older/cheaper routers. I am new to Amplifi and after looking around the forum I am getting discouraged after seeing all of the requests and the few ones that have been resolved or updated in a while. Just a bunch of "we can't promise" comments from the engineers.

  • I am using an Instant router solely as a Teleport device with ethernet. I would love to have the option to disable wifi radios on it. I'm blown away that this request has still not been implemented yet.

    Couldn't it just to added to the advanced settings section if you don't want the basic users to have access to it?