Disable Radio's

  • Wanted to post here to document my support of this very basic 2003-era functionality.

  • Wow, we still can't do this? I need to turn it off temporarily to get this little battery camera connected.

  • I need an option to disable 2,4GHz at all. Because my devices sometimes jump to noizy 2,4GHz and stuck there, i discovering poor network performance then. Please do that!

    I need no additinal SSID with not customizable name but just an option to shut down 2,4GHz useless radio.

    Thank you!

  • @Alexander-Potapov Thank you for sharing this suggestion. While this feature is being considered, you can create a 5Ghz additional SSID that is 5 only, and connect your devices to that SSID and forget the primary SSID on those devices This will isolate them on 5Ghz only.

  • @UI-Brett thank you for the suggestion. Now it works. Testing.

  • Id like to make a statement on this. As a tech person, it’s quite alarming this basic functionality (that even built-in comcast routers circa 2006 have) isn’t available on Amplifi products. You should know I promptly returned my router and two HD mesh points to MicroCenter the moment I found out this wasn’t a feature. Ive also included this major shortcoming in my public reviews of the product.

    Furthermore, regarding your solution for “creating a second SSID”, which you mimic throughout this thread; Going based on my general knowledge of networking, I’d be willing to bet my very last dollar that in creating said second SSID, your “meshing” technology would fall apart. I could be wrong, but if your technology is anything like standard mesh networks, your additional mesh points would fail to associate with both SSID’s and therefore, your repetitive suggestion would be rendered useless with any additional mesh points.

    As I see you’ve been getting this request since back in 2017 and yet still maintain this “cannot confirm nor deny progress” mentality, it has become quite clear you either do not care about customer satisfaction or have exceedingly poor development and customer support teams. Either way, I will not be in the business of tendering any further cash to such a company, nor will I spec your products on any of my future professional ventures.

  • @Eric-Nail there's not a poor development. Ubiquiti developers can do the best-in-a-world things but management don't want to delegate more devs power to Amplifi. I don't know why. Now we have a just skeleton of super Router. Maybe we should wait a couple or more years for base features list completeion.
    I think that home systems is not a priority for Ubiquiti at all but maybe an experiment. (@UI-Brett sorry if I'm wrong)

    BTW, I still strongly need the Subj feature. At least because of hidden SSIDs are wasting power and somewhat noising radio channels.

  • @Alexander-Potapov my theory is thier foucs is on the alien, especially because of the limited hardware present in the current amplfi units, I have a feeling that once ax or WiFi 6 becomes more widely adopted the amplfi might be replaced with an upgraded model.

  • +1 Yes, please allow to turn off 2.4GHz WiFi.

  • wow, this is a post from 2017 and still after 3 years nothing.
    Amplifi does not seem to care.
    I mean c'mon it has gone 3 years.

  • Registered JUST to reply to this thread.. where are my damn wi-fi disable options!

  • +1

    My netgear had this since 2010.

  • Please highly consider adding the ability to disable the wifi radios on this device and/or adding it to the unifi system so it can work with the unifi APs as well. I would like to provide it to customers as a great home router and match it with the unifi APs for a much better over all wifi experience in very large homes. I'm not overly excited about the mesh technology on multi-floor homes over 3,000 Square feet. Adding the ability to disable the wireless radios does not seem all the difficult to me.

  • @louisvilletech Thank you for your input, I will add your vote for this feature. Thanks.

  • @UI-AmpliFi But it seem that you have added our votes since 2017 and after 3 years still nothing happends.

    How much more years or how much votes you need to add so something will happend? I mean = 3 years ago...

  • Is this for real? I was just about to buy one of these thinking it would be better than my Nest. I use Unifi in production, and thought that by sticking with this company I could get the same quality at home. I would have put one router in each room and disabled the 2.4 GHz. You just lost a huge sale because you can't implement a simple feature request.

  • @Potter117 thank you for the feedback, I will add your vote for this feature.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I repeat myself: But it seem that you have added our votes since 2017 and after 3 years still nothing happends.

    How much more years or how much votes you need to add so something will happend? I mean = 3 years ago...

  • @UI-AmpliFi can we keep the feature and please can it but put into the app and made permanent it had literally fixed an interference issue with my Xbox one headset it's so good to have.

  • Does anybody know if this problem has been solved ?
    In my case I must have the 5ghz radio turned off.
    Look forward to hearing from you?