additional ssid AmpliFi HD

  • I've been having issue with iPhone 11, connecting to 5ghz without "force". Yes I have band steering enabled.

    But it seems to connect at 2.4 and won't even switch to a mesh point with stronger signal.

    Secondly, I created an additional ssid at 5Ghz and only have the iPhone connect to it, but that ssid did not automatically show on my mesh point, so I had to create an additional ssid on the meshpoint with the same name.

    Did I do that correctly?

  • @alan-maxwell said in additional ssid AmpliFi HD:

    Did I do that correctly?

    Yes you did, the additional SSID feature is enabled per location so if needed across all mesh points, you will create the same name and SSID on all devices.

    What AmpliFi device are you using? How has your connection been with the iPhone ever since connecting it to a dedicated 5Ghz band?

  • @ui-brett It's a few years old AmpliFi HD. THe iPhone 11 is doing much better, speed is good and it is "naturally" switching between the two AP's that I have. It was not doing that before.

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