Amplifi HD Recurring Mesh Point Issue

  • I've had my Amplifi HD setup now for about a year and generally it's been amazing. I have the Router and two mesh points set up where each mesh point is getting about 80% signal strength and up until recently this has worked out perfectly.

    About two weeks ago and then again last night, I've noticed very poor WiFi performance near one of the mesh points. Not just slow, but timeouts to various websites and being unable to load the Amplifi App. If I drop off and go to Cellular, I'm able to access the App and performing a speed test on the Router shows acceptable performance. I should mention that the whole time the App reports that "Everything is great" as usual. The only thing that fixes the issue is a reboot of the mesh point that's located in the bedroom area of my house. Once I reboot everything is fine. This being the second time this has happened I'm worried that a pattern is developing. I don't see any software updates available, The router and both mesh points are on 3.1.2.

    Anyone else ever experience a similar issue?

  • @joshua-smith I would suggest testing that specific mesh point. To start, take both meshpoints and swap their locations. This is going to tell us if the issue is location based, or related to the mesh point itself. If this is a recent issue, it could be caused by interference in that location because of new devices being added in your home, I see this a lot after the holidays with new smart home devices and other such items.

  • I'll give this a try and see if the issue occurs again.

  • @rseanj Performance from a mesh point will be lower than connected directly to the router, and quite often in support we see mesh points placed too close to the router, which then confuse the devices on where to connect. Testing your home network without the mesh points, then placing them only in areas needed to boost coverage is recommended. How does your coverage and speed look on your home network without the mesh points?

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