Loopback to port 80/443 doesn't work

  • I reported this two months ago, with no response.

    If I configure the Alien as a router, not in bridge mode, and forward ports 80/443 to an internal server with a static DHCP address, external access to the server works fine.

    Internal access does not work, however: loopback to those ports is broken. I think it's because of the amplifi.lan "configuration" web page, which seems to be running on standard ports (80/443).

    Other ports outside of standard HTTP/HTTPS do seem to work with loopback/hairpin.

    There doesn't seem to be any way to turn off the internal web server and use those ports for loopback.

    Has anyone else tried this, or has anyone successfully managed to get loopback/hairpin working for 80 or 443?

  • @David-Nanian

    Bumping this to top- Im having the same issue. 😕

  • Hmm. Me too. I used to have this working fine for two separate web sites (with host header redirection). Now I can't access any HTTP traffic from outside my network, but I can access my PLEX server.

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